Trouble Formatting Hard Drive

  miner 22:44 06 Feb 2003

I'm installing a 2nd HDD (20Gb) on my PC. It turns out that it wasn't formatted when delivered, so a friend helped to do this using FDisk. It would only format to 2.99Gb.
Has anyone any thoughts how to beat the 2.99Gb barrier??

  PA28 22:47 06 Feb 2003

What operating system please? Can you also give details of your system, including BIOS. There may be limitations caused by your system.

  DieSse 00:30 07 Feb 2003

2.99Gb is a very strange figure - are you sure you don't mean 2.19??

What size is you original hard drive - and as PA28 asked, which Operating System. Win95 original version will not format higher than 2.19Gb.

There are a number of size7formatting limits in systems, and ways to get arounfd them, but we must know more about your system first.

  miner 11:02 07 Feb 2003

The OS is W98 and the primary HDD is 20Gb.

The BIOS on start up is Appian PCI 00284 01D, followed by Award Modular BIOS 4.51PG.

The secondary disk has got "stuck" with an approx 3 Gig
partition, which fdisk cannot shift. Is there some other prog that will remove EVERYTHING?

Many thanks PA28 and DieSse

  woodchip 11:08 07 Feb 2003

Get Partition Magic or Acronis and do it the easy way

  woodchip 11:14 07 Feb 2003

PS as posted above OS and bios are the limitation's on hard drive normally

  DieSse 12:30 07 Feb 2003

Try Seagate Seatools or Disk Wizard - or the tools from the HDD manufacturers site. Look for a "zero-fill" facility, as this will clean the HDD right back to how it was when it left the factory.

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