Trouble formatting

  SPARKY 21:08 16 Sep 2003

Can someone shed some light on the trouble I'm having formatting a hard drive. About 4% into formatting I get the line " Trying to recover allocation units " 89,769. This number increases a couple of times then I get failed to format.
Any help would be great.

  Rtus 21:20 16 Sep 2003

Your post indicates you have bad sectors (damaged hard drive ) your best bet would be Find the make & model of the drive and visit its makers web site (Tech support) download the diagnostic program ,creat the floppy required (see download page for exact details how) and set bios to boot from floppy (if not allready) Boot and run the program, it will give various test options. you can even low level format/reset to factory settings & format verify & test .If the drives defections of Bad sectors are too bad it will advise to replace..

  woodchip 21:23 16 Sep 2003

Start with a Win98 Start Floppy and type Scandisk at the dos prompt

  SPARKY 21:29 16 Sep 2003

Thanks Woodchip & Rtus. I will try the diagnostic program, as scan/check disk all proved ok.

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