Trouble Formating Hard Drive

  M7MAK 11:00 05 Aug 2003

i have windows 2000 pro i followed the instructions on repair console press r then c then type 1 return for c:\winin then i type pass word return then type format c: return it then warns me that files on c will be lost if i proceed (y/n) i type y for yes then in a few seconds c:\winin comes up. i doesnt start to format any ideas???? the windows disc was in the drive as requested

  MichelleC 11:25 05 Aug 2003

How long did you give it? Mine took quite a while to assess the hd integrity before proceeding onto next stage.

  temp003 11:39 05 Aug 2003

Try to delete the partition altogether first.

Do you intend to install a fresh copy of windows 2000 on the hard disk?

If so, when you boot up with the w2k CD, instead of pressing R to go into repair options, press Enter to go into w2k Setup. Follow the prompts. Remember that your option is to install a fresh copy of w2k (basically what brittas suggested in your other thread).

Ultimately, you'll be asked where to install w2k, and shown a graphical table of the partitions on your hard disk.

Highlight the C partition, and press D (I think) to delete the partition. See if that can proceed.

If so, back at the graphical table, the prevous C partition will become unpartitioned space. Highlight that space, and press C (I think) to create a new partition. Then specify the size in MB. Press Enter.

The table will show a new partition C, with the specified size. Highlight it and press Enter to install w2k on it. You will then be asked to format the partition. Choose your format. See if w2k Setup can proceed with the formatting this time.

  temp003 12:09 05 Aug 2003

In your email, you said you tried to delete the partition but nothing happened.

Was the disk partitioned using any third party software?

Two things to try.

Go into Recovery Console, and at the C:\WINNT> prompt, type fixmbr and press Enter. Confirm what you want to do. Then try to delete the partition.

If that doesn't work, at the C:\WINNT> prompt, type chkdsk /r and press Enter. That will take some time. After that, try deleting the partition.

I've forgotten, did you try to boot up with a 9x boot floppy, and use the fdisk command?

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