trouble downloading from dv camera to PC

  marram 12:31 09 Aug 2005

I have a new digital camcorder. I am having trouble downloading from the camera to the PC using the software which came with the camera. It skips frames and stops downloading after a few seconds. Where the video should be seen on the PC as it downloads in real time, it keeps pausing, goes blue and is slower than real time.

Is this a RAM problem? I have 256mb PC133 ram. 1,2gb processor and on board graphics.

  scotty 12:43 09 Aug 2005

First things to check:

1) Have you stopped all programs running in the background such as antivirus and firewall?

2) Is DMA (Direct Memory Access) enabled on the drive you are writing to?

  marram 12:47 09 Aug 2005

Thanks Scotty. I have stopped all other programs.
What is direct memory access?

  scotty 12:56 09 Aug 2005

Goto Device Manager (Control Panel\System\Hardware\Device Manager) and click on + beside IDE ATA controller. Select Primary IDE channel and select the advanced settings tab. Select Transfer mode option "DMA if available".

  marram 13:04 09 Aug 2005

Done that. It was set "DMA if available"

  stlucia 13:07 09 Aug 2005

Your RAM is the same as mine, and main processor is higher spec than mine. I don't have any problem downloading DV in real time provided everything else is switched off (like Scotty says). I use Pinnacle software.

Come to think of it, I'm using Win 98SE for video work, so it could be that Win XP (if that's what you're using) needs more RAM for itself.

  scotty 13:41 09 Aug 2005

Further to stlucia's comment, your situation will be exacerbated by the on board graphics which is sharing memory. Perhaps 64MB of the 256 will be assigned to graphics.

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