Trouble with DECT phone and broadband internet

  docbokkie 14:21 04 Apr 2006

Can anyone help me please? We have had a trouble free connection to Wanadoo broadband for almost two years now - we also have wireless connectivity through a D-Link router. Recently we bought a new Philips DECT 5252 phone system which crackles unbearably when plugged into any of our phone sockets. We have installed an ADSL filter at the socket where the phone is plugged in, but this has no effect. The only thing that clears the crackling is to unplug the router from the telephone socket (the router and the DECT phone do not sharet the same socket and both have filters on them), but of course, that means that we don't have internet access. As far as I am aware, the phone does not interfere with the internet connection, but the internet connection appears to be interfering with the phone. Any suggestions?

  dms05 16:49 04 Apr 2006

Your ADSL has worked fine for many years. You introduce a DECT phone and have problems with the DECT phone's compatibility with ADSL. The DECT phone shouldn't show these problems - generally it's recommended to keep the DECT well away from the WiFi Router or PC with WiFi connection to stop interference with the WiFi. I've used DECT along with ADSL for years, so have many people on this forum. I suggest you return the DECT phone and buy another make - you should not have such problems.

  Totally-braindead 16:54 04 Apr 2006

I've got 3 DECT phones and I have Broadband and have no problem at all. I think dms05 may be right, as he points out everything worked fine before you put in the Philips phone. It may be worth an email to Philips regarding the problem, failing that returning the phone and getting another make is the simplist solution.

  docbokkie 16:58 04 Apr 2006

Thank you both! I did call Philips customer care and explained the problem. They suggested that a new (better) filter might be required, but we bought a brand new one at Maplin at a cost of £10 - do they come better than that?!?! Thanks for the advice. I think it is probably simplest to just take the phones back and get a different system. Cheers.

  €dstowe 18:54 04 Apr 2006

When I moved house I bought a new Philips DECT phone which did the same as yours is doing - severe interference on an ADSL capable line. Took it back and swapped for a BT model - no problems at all now.

It's not unversal with Philips brand. My father has a Philips DECT and ADSL on the same wiring and it works fine.

  Graham ® 19:28 04 Apr 2006

The interference may be radio rather than phone wiring/filters.

  docbokkie 13:50 05 Apr 2006

Thanks for the advice, it really helps - funnily enough, we already had a BT DECT phone which WAS working fine - just needed to replace it cos the keypad had gone. Will take the Philips one back and exchange it for a different model.

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