Trouble converting HDD to NTFS

  lothlann 19:03 07 Mar 2010

I have tried using the command line:

convert J: /fs:ntfs

after the usual message about dismounting and volume label I get the message that the drive is dirty and cannot be converted.

Therefore I have tried chkdsk /f command to no avail, it says no errors.

Also tried windows errorchecker which seems to do nothing and just close.

Any ideas? Im going in circles and really need this drive to be NTFS as I have nowhere to store my large files.

Also I am running 64 bit Windows 7.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 07 Mar 2010

click here

you need to run chkdsk at start up or in safemode

  MAJ 19:36 07 Mar 2010

Have you tried running:

fsutil dirty query J:

from a command prompt to see if the drive has the dirty bit set?

  lothlann 19:38 07 Mar 2010

Just tried running both in safe mode. No luck still didn't work.

I tried the util too and it said no dirty set. Not sure what that means but I figure it doesn't help.


  Terry Brown 20:27 07 Mar 2010

It looks as if your operating system is corrupted- see attached file. click here
Solution- I have no experience with windows 7- Sorry

  lothlann 20:29 07 Mar 2010

As its an external drive I suppose using a different computer would be worth a try would it?

  MAJ 20:34 07 Mar 2010


chkdsk J: /f /r

see if it helps.

  lothlann 10:52 08 Mar 2010

It took all night to run the check but it worked.

Thank you.

Once again this website comes to my rescue.

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