trouble connecting to the internet at 7pm

  liloldlady 08:43 05 Jan 2010

Hi, For the last week or two I cannot seem to connect to the internet with my BT wireless connection once 7pm. comes around. My lapton tells me I am connected OK the bt box tells me I am connected preperly but no matter what I do I cannot get onto the internet until about 11pm. Do you think that this is a bt thing???? thanks

  mgmcc 08:48 05 Jan 2010

It sounds as though some electrical device comes on at 7pm, goes off at 11pm and during this time interferes with the ADSL signal. Trying to establish what it is could be difficult.

I came across a situation where someone lost internet access each evening when darkness fell. It turned out that the street light was very close to the overhead phone line and when it came on, it killed the ADSL signal.

  liloldlady 08:57 05 Jan 2010

Hi, I don't think it can be that as the time differs quite a bit, i.e. sometimes it goes off at 6.30pm or or in between, and sometimes it wont come back on until as late as 2am. The adsl box shows an internet connection but when i try and connect all I get is a message in the left hand corner of my machine saying "trying to connect"..and this goes on forever..this has now gone on for 2-3 weeks, every night? can bt somehow ration it??? I have a fried in my town on bt and she has no trouble. thanks

  folsom 11:30 05 Jan 2010

Have you spoken to BT about it? would suggest they be your first port of call to try and ascertain if a problem lies with them.

  mooly 11:37 05 Jan 2010

Always worth trying altering the frequency (channel) the homehub transmits on.
You wil need to access the hub advanced menu to do this and was you change it connection will be "lost" You then need to "find" your network again from wireless icon is system tray etc... two minutes of a job :)

  mooly 11:38 05 Jan 2010
  colberly 12:02 05 Jan 2010

I'm not with BT but had this problem for a little while with my ISP, contacted them and whatever it was, was fixed by them. I never did find out the cause though.

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