Trouble with compatible cartridge

  jaydee456 17:22 02 Feb 2009

I recently bought an Epson SX100 printer scanner. as usual the ink ran out fast especially the black. I bought compatible black cartridges online from ebay shop with perfect feedback.
However after a few prints the problems started.
this is the cartrige with the original and a copy of printed page. Any help appreciated.
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

these were all diferent colours
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  Graham. 17:25 02 Feb 2009

My Epsom wouldn't recognize 'compatible' cartridges. I threw them away and bought the genuine ones.

  Graham. 17:28 02 Feb 2009

click here

I sent them a message, but no response.

  jaydee456 17:28 02 Feb 2009

Ouch they cost as much as the printer did. Oh dear.
I used compatibles fine on the old C46.
anyone else PLEEEEEEASE :(

  Pineman100 17:28 02 Feb 2009

I've tried repeatedly to use refill or compatible cartridges in my HP printer. I reckon that about 1 in 5 of them were duff. So they weren't as cheap as I thought they were!

I now just bite the bullet and buy proper manufacturer's cartridges. No problems.

  jack 17:30 02 Feb 2009
  Yorkshire-git 17:51 02 Feb 2009

I have had the same problem with a new Epson SX205 printer running on non-Epson cartridges. Also, my printer has just started to reject non-Epson carts when they hare about half full. I have just sent one lot back to the supplier, but guess I will also be having to buy genuine Epson carts from now on.

  woodchip 18:51 02 Feb 2009

Got a Epson RX520 off Daughter Jets blocked ink run out nearly, went to computer fair at Sheffield yesterday bought Cart Cleaner £4.00 for a big bottle and a "set of compat carts £5.00 for full set" used a syringe with tube to clear the jets, put the compat carts in and it works a treat.

  jaydee456 22:40 03 Feb 2009

I got in touch with supplier and got a refund and sending others back. Bought a black original in Tescos this morning and all working fine now.
I see I can get a T0715 set of 4 plus a black from amazon for about £26 so might do that when the cols are out.

  FatboySlim71 23:01 03 Feb 2009

I used to have the opinion that original cartridges were best but since taking my HP carts to Cartridge World to get re-filled, I find that the Cartridge World re-fills are indistinguishably from the originals.

I know Cartridge World re-fill Epson carts and reset the chip (ink counter). It might be worth taking your original Epson cartridges to Cartridge World and getting them re-filled you would probably save quite a bit of money than buying new Epson Carts.

Even if you have got rid of your original Epson carts you could always buy a set with the idea of getting them re-filled when they are empty.

I was talking to the bloke in my local Cartridge World and he was telling me that the same firm that makes their inks makes inks for HP's cartridges. My particular colour cartridge when new only contained 7ml of ink, Cartridge World fill it to 13ml so thats basically like having two original HP cartridges.

I can imagine that Cartridge World would probably put more ink in your carts than what Epson would do, so you may find they will last you longer. Also Cartridge World have a no quibble money back guarantee so you have got nothing to lose.

You will be able to find your nearest Cartridge World from visiting the below link.

click here

  3gboosterman 23:58 03 Feb 2009

I have a Epson DX6000 and I am on my 9th set of compatible ink cartridges and all seems to be fine.

The compatible ones i got have alot more ink quantity than my originals did.

Some times the ink level indicator would come up but when I checked the cartridges, there were still quite alot in. So i gently shook the cartridges downwards and re-installed them in and all was fine?

Good Luck.

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