Trouble with a CD_RW Drive

  MLewis 11:21 20 Feb 2004

Hello everyone

A few days ago I was having trouble with a second hard drive on my pc and a friend who was looking at it turned it off. I have since found out that my CD RW does not work now. It seems like there is no power to it, ie no lights come on and it will not open when you press the open button. I am running Windows ME. Is it possible that by turning off the second hard drive it has turned off the CD RW as well?? I have looked in the my computer bit of the pc and where before I had the CD RE set up as the F drive this is now longer there.

I am a complete novice really but I remember that my friend did someting in the bois screen to turn the second drive off

can anyone help??


  Cuddles 16:51 20 Feb 2004

i would say your best remedy would be to ask your friend what he/she did, possibly the secondary ide channel has been disbled.

  Diemmess 16:55 20 Feb 2004

This is a difficult one to answer with only what you tell.
If you are still friends with the "friend" try and get him/her to undo what was done.

More Helpful info. is needed for others to be able to help you...

(1)Turned off the second HD?...... How and where was it turned off, and perhaps why?

(2) Has anyone opened the box to do this? If so this is most likely where you need to go to put things right.

(3) You ask about BIOS settings?.... It is possible that this can be done, but until we know more about your problem, it is better not to change anything in there ..... that's tiger country!

  MLewis 19:17 20 Feb 2004

The second hard drive was turned off becuase it was trying to access the main C drive all the time hence slowing the pc down. My friend did this by going into the bios and doing something ( what I don't know, maybe turn off is the wrong way of saying it, disabled may be better) He did not open the case to do this.

Thanks for all your help so far

  Diemmess 17:13 21 Feb 2004

Thanks for saying that no one has opened the box. Therefore the answer is in the BIOS intructions.

Very strange... It would be the computer trying to access the secondary drive, not the other way about.
Even so that points to a software problem, some software is corrupt, wrongly installed, or has been introduced without your knowledge.

If the correct instructions to recover the use of that second HD are followed through you, will presumably be back to where you were, with constant attempts to ......... Tough, but that is the proper way out of this trouble.

I suspect that If you go into the BIOS it will be simple to make an alteration, so that the computer finds the drive, rather than is told it is NOT there.

Like the answers on TV's Millionaire programme, I can do this for myself, but making changes to settings in the BIOS need care, experience, or better still someone at your elbow who knows what he is doing.

I hope one of the leading lights out there will pick this up and lead you along the right path.

You can always do as has been suggested, take your friend "warmly by the throat", tell his fortune - and request he puts it back as it was!

If you get that far, close this thread and post a new one about "constant seeking access"

  MLewis 19:25 21 Feb 2004

Thank you very much Diemmess and Cuddles for all your help. i have some 'nice quiet words' with my frioend who is taking the PC away next week to get it sorted. Many thanks for your help


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