Trouble with business communication. Please help!

  joana77 04:19 07 Nov 2007

Hi all,
I’m running a nationalized business since one year and I have sixteen branches in different countries. I spend a huge amount of my income on my business communication. Even after spending this large amount, the results are not satisfactory. I want to reduce my communication cost, without affecting the proper way to communicate, and sharing all things among my branches. Can someone guide me how I can enhance the communication system in my business. Thanks!

  Forum Editor 19:06 07 Nov 2007

before anyone can make any helpful recommendations. What kind of information do you wish to share amongst your branches?

The simplest way is email - why can't you communicate in that way? If you are sharing confidential information you could set up a web site, and have your branch managers login to special areas - one for each branch. Then you could put whatever content you want each manager to see in his/her secure area, and nobody else would see it. I did this for a company in Hong Kong, and it worked very well - they had around 30 senior people, all with a private, secure section of the same site to themselves.

Tell us what kind of communication you need, and we'll help if we can.

  kristi999 07:52 08 Nov 2007

I think you should have your own conferencing system. Web conferencing could prove an important business tool for you. In fact, you could invite a group of people to a virtual conference room to collaborate in real time, share applications, chat and do other things when face-to-face is not feasible.

You can get your own web conferencing system from [url=click here] RHUB Communications. [/url] In addition to web conferencing, you can get several other features such as file transfer and PC remote control. If you want your audience to only view your presentation (and not participate) they don't have to download anything and can view your presentation in any web browser. I've used other web conferencing tools and have been limited in which browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox -I could use.

Hope this will solve your problem. Best of luck!

  mgmcc 13:23 08 Nov 2007

This same *QUESTION* has been posted verbatim in numerous different forums by different people.

The original poster has also received replies in other forums which quote verbatim replies to the question posted by others.

It seems to be part of a bizarre game to get people to answer made up questions for which the answer is of no interest.

Do a Google search on "I’m running a nationalized business since one year" including the quotes!

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