Trouble booting up laptop with W98SE

  johnem 22:56 03 Jul 2003

Hi gang, back for further assistance. Have just tried to start up daughter's laptop, seems to start to boot up and then displays "While inititializing device VKD: Windows protection error. You need to restart computer. Press any key"
Tried pressing any key, no response, tried cntrl-alt-del, still no response. Switched puter off and then restarted, gets to same point in boot up routine, same mesage, sometimes shortened to "while initi". Tried to boot up in "safe mode", with the same results. Where do I go from here?

  johnem 23:29 03 Jul 2003

Further information, having tried rebooting with boot floppy in place, still no help but have now got message"An internal stack overflow has caused this session to be halted. Change the STACKS setting in your CON¦j|*SYS file, and then try again" I think this is tryig to indicate 'config.sys'. Any ideas?

  johnem 23:51 03 Jul 2003

Have tried to edit "config.sys", but there is not any mention of stack numbers, only buffers. Tried rebooting, always ends up at the same message, sometimes the puter then automatically shuts down. Could it be something has become slightly loose/unpluged inside box during recent journey?

  johnem 09:53 04 Jul 2003

Have checked that the HDD is properly seated, also that the RAM chips are seated, still no improvement. Any ideas?

  johnem 12:21 04 Jul 2003


  crimbo 13:59 04 Jul 2003

Have you tried putting the error message into the microsoft knowledge base?

  beeuuem 14:36 04 Jul 2003


Don't know if this will help from click here

When you start your computer, you may receive the following error message:

While initializing device vkd -- Windows Protection Error -- You need to restart your computer.

After you receive this error message, you may receive the following options after your computer completes the Power On Self Test (POST):

Press F1 (or equivalent key) for Setup

Press F2 (or equivalent key) to load defaults and continueCAUSE

This behavior can occur if the keyboard that you have attached to your computer is not working correctly. When your keyboard does not work correctly, the keyboard cannot be initialized.


With the computer turned off, disconnect and then reconnect the keyboard.

If that does not work try using another keyboard to determine if your keyboard is malfunctioning. If it is, replace the keyboard.


VKD is the acronym for Virtual Keyboard Device Driver.

  beeuuem 14:38 04 Jul 2003

Just realised that you say it is a laptop- disconnecting the keyboard may be a problem. Sorry for giving duff advice.

  johnem 15:09 04 Jul 2003

Am just in the process of trying to chisel out the keyboard!!
Thanks for the info, will continue the quest.

  beeuuem 15:21 04 Jul 2003

Actually, on my laptop the key board is retained by two clips at the top, above 'F1' and 'Print Screen'.
Pushing these in allows the keyboard to be lifted out and it can be unplugged. Not for the faint hearted (me!) but it can be done.

  johnem 22:15 04 Jul 2003

Latest update, have read the Microsoft information and just happen to have a second identical make and model laptop. Have swoped the hard drives to try and establish if it is a keyboard/connection problem. HDD from faulty puter takes fault to other puter. HDD from good puter boots up and runs OK in suspect puter. Keyboard appears to function and programs run. Restore faulty HDD into suspect puter, fault still here. Other puter works fine. At least if I do have to totally format faulty puter, I hope to be able to transfer drivers etc from good puter. I knew there was a good reason for buying two laptops at the same time! Any further ideas please.

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