Trouble after installing Windows XP Pro

  23790954 17:31 10 Dec 2004

Thanks to all parties who have helped me in the past, it has been appreciated. Having just upgraded from Win 2000 Pro to Windows XP pro, I have a couple of problems I would like help with.
1. When I go into device manage, there is a yellow question mark beside SM BUS CONTROLLER.
In its property file it states that the device is not working because it has a problem. (driver not there I think). Can this be repaired, if so how?. Also when I attempt to read my 'e' mails on Outlook Express, I continue to get a log on system, asking for my 'e' mail address and password, and no matter how many times I enter my 'e' mail address and password and click o.k. it returns again. Any suggestions. Thanks for any help given.

  Kegger 17:57 10 Dec 2004


yes it is a driver issue, you could try connecting to the net and seeing if windows can fix it.

on the email front this error normally occurs if you haven't set the email account properly in control panel

  lozparry 18:30 10 Dec 2004

check that the spa is ticked, this sometimes needs ticking even though its not needed.

  lozparry 18:36 10 Dec 2004

in OE, tools,accounts,mail, your mail account the properties. youll find the spa box below your login details

  Gongoozler 18:43 10 Dec 2004

Although the OE problem could be on your computer, whenever I have encountered it, the problem was with the ISP and cleared within a day or so.

  alnwrd 19:42 10 Dec 2004

After you reinstall an operating system you must remember to reinstall the progs relating to the motherboard drivers. Maybe the missing driver is on this cd.

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