Trouble with 17" LCD monitor

  hawkesfield 15:40 19 May 2008

Every time I switch on my monitor it works OK and then starts to jump around - it seems to be moving the screen picture from one side to another - very quickly. Almost impossible to put my cursor on the right spot to get information etc. Sometimse the screen colours change from green to red shades too, but that is bearable, the other trouble is very bad on my eyes.
Has anyone any sensible advice to give other than throwing it all out pf the window!

  Ditch999 15:55 19 May 2008

It might be your graphics inside the PC and not the screen! Try the screen on another PC, check the connections as well.

  Technotiger 16:41 19 May 2008

I had exactly the same symptoms recently, drove me mad for a little while, I even got to the stage of completely removing my Monitor with a view to taking it to my local PC shop (which is literally just across the road from my home). However, I had second thoughts and decided to have a go at fixing it myself - having left it in its box over-night, I re-connected it and fired-up the PC, lo-and-behold it worked, and has not given any bother since. I have no idea why or how, but perhaps you could try the same.

The only thing I had done prior to this happening was to download/install SP3 on my XP Home.

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