Troubble with computer after clean install.

  Pri3go 02:05 02 Jun 2017

Hello guys!

I recently decided to reinstall windows 10 on my computer, bad idea. Before the clean install the computer did just fine, with an average 30-50 fps in wow, over 80 fps in League of legends (caped it at 80), and of course i could watch twitch. I've done a clean installation 3 times now, but the problems still remains: The computer itself seems to be running at normal speed, however, I cannot play games at all.

World of Warcraft is unplayable, regardless of settings. League of legends, even at the lowest possible settings I get 8-12 FPS sec and it's horrid.

I can't even watch twitch on my browsers (I tried Chrome, explorer, edge) When I go to twitch the stream will load, and somewhat start playing, but it's extremly laggy/choppy both sound and video, and it slows down the whole computer. Swapping to another tab takes 2-3 seconds. Everthing really just get slown down.

I should also note that the computer randomly freezes for a coupple of seconds, well, I'm not sure if it's freezing but the mouse/keyboard stops working for a coupple of seconds/takes a few before responding. (yes, even with razer synapse installed)

I'm pretty sure I'm running the correct drivers, I downloaded the newest ones from Nvidia, from MSI, and fully run windows update.

Heres some info about my computer:

CPU: INtel i5 4690 MOtherboard : z97 gaming 3 Ram : 12 gb

  q33ny 20:39 03 Jun 2017

Install the latest chipset driver and the latest graphic card drivers.

  [DELETED] 13:07 04 Jun 2017

As q33ny, check if this is your mobo, Z97 then select your OS then drivers.

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