Trojan.Win32.Jpgiframe (v) in wallpaper... ?

  theDarkness 00:24 24 Jun 2011

adaware has pointed out 2 images (wallpaper) that are supposedly infected, that I have had on my computer since day one (slight exaggeration, but you get the idea)-adaware was the only program that managed to detect anything, so I am trying to find out how likely the warnings are to be true, or false as the possible result of a recent adaware update. I find most false positives usually give out a "generic trojan" warning, but this time the files were both labelled as "Trojan.Win32.Jpgiframe (v)". Thanks for any info :) I try and get everyone on this laptop to only download via well known websites such as deviantart that have forums to try and prevent infected files, but I am trying to now find out how dangerous the (v) jpg trojan could be (it seems to allow others control of the system), especially regarding the age of the files and how long theyve been on the system.. thanks

  theDarkness 02:02 24 Jun 2011

I dont mean to bump, but its late anyway, and this might prove useful to others:

1 - Antivirus programs are never 100% accurate, so here is an online service which uses many antivirus programs at once to scan your suspicious files. The more antivirus programs in its report that state your file contains a virus, the more likely that's the truth!

2 - I have submitted my jpg files that adaware detected as being infected with a trojan virus, to avira antivirus, for analysis. They might well just be 'false positives' (false alarms) which can happen from time to time. If youre antivirus also warns you, you can sometimes send them to your antivirus manufacturer for analysis. I use avira as my main antivirus, so here is their related page:-

*falls back asleep*

  birdface 08:01 24 Jun 2011

Try Hitman pro to see if it finds any problems.

No use messing about with anti-virus programs you need to try some good anti-malware programs .I would say Adaware is not as good as some of the rest.

Or give MalwareBytes a try as you get to pro version for a fortnight to try it out.It reverts to the free version after the fortnight.

  theDarkness 13:50 24 Jun 2011

to be fair I think adaware is regarded as a general anti-malware program too, including spyware and trojans etc rather than just a simple antivirus, and its one of the ones I could use alongside avira with no issues. I received an email this morning from avira stating that from their analysis both jpg files were clean, so it could be time to replace or simply remove adaware, especially if avira pretty much covers everything it does. For protection alongside comodo firewall, I have always had avira antivirus together with adaware, malwarebytes and spyblaster. thanks

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