Trojans & reformat

  cottager 20:39 21 Nov 2004

Earlier this year I reformatted my sister's hard drive after finding two premium rate diallers and a virus. After the reformat I reloaded Win 98 SE plus everything else including ZA and an AV programme.
However I could not get any sound, it turned out it had loaded and sought advice from the good people here but nothing worked - bearing in mind that I was having to talk my sister through all this via the phone!!
She recently decided to change ISPs and I talked her through ridding the computer of the original and setting up the new one BUT she can't connect at all. The original ISP/internet connection did work after the reformat.
She spoke to a friend who is something in software and he said that there was a possibility of a Trojan horse lurking even after the reformat and he could sort it for £75.
Now is this possible? Any advice warmly welcomed before setting off to Brum to try and sort her computer out.

  VoG II 20:45 21 Nov 2004

If you did a full format, cottager, I do not think that it is possible for a trojan to "survive".

Does it actually dial up and appear to connect but then nothing appears to happen? If so WinsockFix might get it going click here

  cottager 20:55 21 Nov 2004

Thanks for that. I'm not quite sure what is happening. My sister isn't up to speed with the workings of computers and I'm supposed to be telepathic!!!!!!
I didn't think Trojans could survive a format but just thought I'd check with the brains on here.
Any idea about the sound??
I have gone through Device Manager and right clicked the one with a big yellow question mark, properties and gone driver hunting but the question mark is against "unknown device". The audio part is telling me it is functioning.


  cottager 21:33 22 Nov 2004

Can anyone add anything else to this thread??????


  Cook2 21:37 22 Nov 2004

Install the drivers then go into device manager, right click on the unknown device and uninstall.
Reboot and the sound card should be detected and the drivers installed.

  cottager 21:42 22 Nov 2004

Thanks for that. I will give it a try on Saturday and let you all know if it works.
If not I think I can feel another reformat coming on;-((


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