Trojans migrating USB pen drive?

  Awestruck 12:07 30 Aug 2008

A friend's Windows XP computer had Trojans, her anti-virus was disabled by the Trojans. I used my pen drive to install AVG so that I could scan and remove the Trojans. The Trojans prevented AVG from opening, so I loaded AVAST from my pen drive. It found and quarantined 3 Trojans. Shortly afterwards the computer became inaccesible i.e. the Start button, and the programs would not function.
The only solution was to reinstall Windows XP SP2 from the CD and reinstall all the programs.
Then I loaded AVG from my USB pen drive. All worked well until next day when the computer would only load as far as the wallpaper. I suspected that a Trojan had leapt from the computer to the pen drive as the failure to completely load Windows was similar to the original problem. I did find a Trojan on my pen drive and removed it. I know that copying to a pen drive can transfer a Trojan, but is it possible that a Trojan can be copied from an infected computer to a USB pen drive when installing files from the pen drive?

  Terminus90 03:19 05 Oct 2008

a virus can transfer from pc to removable data and vise versa, you need a good anti-virus program like avast on the pc-it's free click here . You now need to scan your pen drive and/or remove any infected programs

  cheap 09:40 05 Oct 2008

You can prevent this from happening if you have a manual lock on the pen drive to stop things being written to it.

  Awestruck 11:52 05 Oct 2008

I always use Avast or AVG to check a pen drive before and after use. However, I omitted to check my friend's pen drive before she restored her backups to the cleaned computer. The result was a re-infected computer and another re-installation of Windows XP. I removed the nasties from her USB pen drive and so she was able to restore her data safely this time.

I have searched for a pen drive with a read-only switch but they don't seem to be made anymore.

Thanks for your comments

  bof:) 14:18 05 Oct 2008

Hi Awestruck , I use a Sandisk U3 USB pen which (as I understand it) has Avast on it so when I plug it into a PC it protects itself from possible infections on the PC.

It also is possible to scan the infected pc from the USB pen.

I can update Avast on the USB pen when its plugged into my laptop.

I hope this is helpful,


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