Morgan 10:24 07 Jun 2005

On Sunday evening I installed BT broadband. I immediately updated my AVG antivirus and ran a system check and all seemed fine. Last night I logged onto the internet and noticed that it was slow to move from page to page and eventually got messages saying that windows had encoutered problems with Win 32 services. I'd had this before sometime ago and knew it was a virus. I immediately ran a scan and it picked up 3 Trojan.downloderBP viruses. I restarted and all seemed fine for a while and then a few hours later the system slowed again. I ran another check and I've got another 2 Trojan viruses. This time I can't isolate or delete them. I can't even Word documents now. I can't understand how this has happened if my antvirus is up to date. Is it anything to do with Broadband? Can anyone provide me with a stinger or instructions on how to stop & get rid of it?

Thanks very much.

  brambles 10:37 07 Jun 2005

click here

Recommend you download Microsoft Antispyware as well if you haven't got it.

Type Microsoft Antispyware into Google & it will direct you there.


  gudgulf 10:52 07 Jun 2005

You need to scan with a dedicated antispyware/adware scanner or two such as Adaware,Spybot S&D,a2 or the Microsoft Antispyware tool if you use Xp.You should also clear out all your temp files using something like ccleaner and clear all your restore points if using Me or Xp as many malware programs lurk in the temporary files or restore files and can reinfect you from there.
Download and use SpywareBlaster to help stop nasties getting on the system in the first place.Spybot also has an immunise function which does the same thing.

Make sure that you have Windows fully patched and updated to close any exploits that may be used by malware/worms etc.If you don't do that anything that infects you this way will simply reinstall itself from the web when you log on.

Other ways you can pick these infections up are visiting the wrong sort of web site(obviously), use of "free" add ons for instant messaging programs (such as messenger plus and smilies), some online game programs can contain adware (eg wild tangent) and many of the p2p programs contain malware too.

You can find the download sites by a quick search on google for the program back if stuck with anything.To start off ccleaner click here Stinger click here Various spyware removal programs click here and some information about system restore click here

  Morgan 13:13 07 Jun 2005

I will try everything tonight when I get home. I haven't had a virus for nearly a year, so do you think it has happened just because I've installed Broadband?

  Completealias 16:25 07 Jun 2005

Do you have a firewall installed?

If not then I recommend you get one asap as without your pc is wide open to threats.

Although windows firewall is better than nothing you'd be better off to download a free one and install

Sygate click here

Zonealarm click here

Because broadband is an always on connection then your computer is more open to attack so yes the fact that you have upgraded could have something to do with it

  Morgan 12:27 08 Jun 2005

The virus came back again yesterday even though I already have AVG, Adaware, Spybot, and asquared installed and up to date. I also have automatic Windows updates & patches in place. I downloaded Microsoft Spyware, ccleaner and Zonealarm. I have yet to run the cleaner, but Zonealarm is in place and seems to be doing the trick. However, it slows my system down which completely negates the point of having Broadband!

How many antivirus/adware/malware programs does one need?!

Thanks everyone for all your help & suggestions.

  Completealias 13:45 08 Jun 2005

The general rule is

1 antivirus
1 firewall

As many antispyware apps as you wish

Have you now rechecked with all your scanners to make sure that your system is clean and that there is not something there that is causing your system to slow down.

  Morgan 14:24 08 Jun 2005

I updated & re-ran them all again last night after I installed the firewall - I was falling asleep at my pc until 1am! The firewall window was popping up literally every 5 seconds to let me know it had blocked something/or that my pc was trying to connect to something - is this normal?

I also updated & re-ran the Stinger as this got rid of the last trojan I had. However, this time it didn't detect anything.

I've just got asquared to run and ccleaner. I've never used a cleaning program before, so not sure what to expect. I never know whether I should delete files or not.

  Completealias 14:32 08 Jun 2005

When you first install a firewall you will get alot of notification boxes popping up asking if you wish to allow this program to access the net. If you know the program eg internet explorer then allow it but if you do not then it is a wise procaution to block it as it could be a trojan calling home. If it turns out later that you needed to allow it you can always unblock it.

With ccleaner I would stick to the windows tab for cleaning don't use the issues tab another link that I was given to another cleaner that you may want to try click here

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