Dell Latitude 17:22 31 Jul 2006

I got this virus in my computer which is known to use your computers dial up modem and call some certain numbers, but the real thing that concerns me is that my norton internet security 2005 couldnt get rid of the virus. All it say was unable to repair file. Later on i downloaded the free avg anvirus software and it managed to remove it. I have not been having problems since.
Does this mean avg is better than norton antivirus?

If it is better, is there a paid for subscription of avg?


  skidzy 17:42 31 Jul 2006

Yes there is a paid version of AVG from Grisoft,but you will not need that.There is enough freebies on the net to look after your pc.Others will confirm this im sure.

Just to put your mind at rest,some AV's and antimalware/spyware programs catch things others may miss.

If you are on broadband and do not have your dialup connection have no worries about dialers dialing out.

Use this to make sure you only have the connections you require. click here this will find all connections available.

Hope this helps.

  *jay* 17:49 31 Jul 2006

avg is better. but the paid version is no differnet so keep the free version.

  rawprawn 17:54 31 Jul 2006

All AV's have their strengths and weaknesses,
click here I always use this online scan as a backstop

  Dell Latitude 17:54 31 Jul 2006

i understand that avg is better but the free version of avg doesent come with a firewall.
Can you reccomend any free firewall software.
thanks for the post guys

  skidzy 18:01 31 Jul 2006

Zonealarm Free version click here this works well with avg

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