Trojan Viruses problem

  Hercules02 21:01 09 Apr 2013

Hello After many years of computing and despite running Norton Security, I recent suffered my first virus attacks. Although they have been removed and subsequent scans are clear, i'm very concerned that it might still be possible for my machine to be compromised via some means of access established while the viruses were active. If so this could be used to obtain keyboard logs and access information in my files. Am I right to be concerned about this,and if so what can I do to block access ? Although Im running Norton Security, I dont know a lot about "Under the hood" configuration. Im so worried about this that Ive restricted use of the computer to a minimum, which is quite an inconvenience. For info., the two viruses were; Trojan:Win32/Urausy.C and Trojan Any help would be appreciated.

  The Kestrel 07:58 10 Apr 2013

Trojan Maljava is a low level threat according to symantec

Trojan:Win32 however is a more serious problem. See the details on the link below. If you scroll down you will find information on prevention of reinfection.

  onthelimit1 08:58 10 Apr 2013

It's easy to get paranoid about this stuff. If it's been removed by Norton successfully, I would run malwarebytes as a precaution (free download), and if you want a second opinion, run Hitmanpro - you get a 30 day free trial - just need to click the correct box for that. If they all return clear, you should be OK.

  Hercules02 21:01 10 Apr 2013

The Kestrel/Onthelimit1 Thanks to you both for the information and advice which I will follow up.

  alexalbert 06:43 04 May 2013

My simple advice is that before taking any decision you make a chat with " Norton Online Chat Support " team for solving your problem.

  recap 16:44 04 May 2013

As an extra precaution when I am using any bank details on the Internet, I use the onboard keyboard. I know it's not fool proof these days but it makes me feel that litte bit more secure.

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