bta1 10:35 08 Nov 2003

I ran my regualr virus check last night and came home to find seven infected files. Six were fixed but one can't be.
It was a trojan (?) virus, that was in loader.exe, according to Norton. It says it can't get rid of it. So i deleted the file - i don't know if this was a mistake yet, but it probably will bite me soon - however after doing that I closed norton and it said my computer still had viruses. But it didn't show me any more.
My computer has been playing up a bit recently, by not showing me the boot up screen, and other visual things, like the inroductions in games, and now i am worried i've got these viruses and i can't get rid of them. Is there another programme i should use?
I thought Norton was supposed to be the best.

  JIM 10:51 08 Nov 2003

Powerless, previous help source link, which worked well for other.

The Cleaner can detect every known trojan and keep your system from being infected. Unlike anti-virus programs, The Cleaner can also remove trojans already in your computer.

The Cleaner is available as a free 30-day trial.

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  Walworth 14:31 14 Nov 2003

I have Windows xp.I run Norton anti-virus also Norton Firewall. Yesterday I was informed that I had got a Trojan virus which could not be removed. It is now in quarantine. Is this all that I can do? Is there any point in buying Norton Safeguards?

While I sympathise with your problems, the thing to remember is that there is no Anti Virus or Anti Trojan software that will catch all possible virus and trojans.

The fact is that both virus and trojans have a specific signiture that is recognised by the anti virus program. Unless this is already in its base of signitures to look for it will not be stopped.

The vast majority of virus are simply "mutants" of a well known code and therefor easy to spot. The serious virus writer tries to write code that will not be spotted and no matter what program you use, it wont be - not until it is recognised and by that time many machines will be infected.

Norton has done its job - it spotted the infection and quarantined it. In due course I have no doubt that Symantec will release a removal tool for it - as will every one else.

Norton is stil one of the best packages around and you can be sure that in a head to head with another software it will catch some infections that the other wont!

  Jester2K II 14:57 14 Nov 2003

If its in Quarantine then isn't it removed?? Surely Quarantine is a holding pen in case you need to study or submit the file else where. Bit like the Virus Vault in AVG.

  The Idle one 15:34 14 Nov 2003

Are u running XP - if so Did u turn off system restore before virus check.
If not the virus is still in system restore
turn off system restore - virus check (which should remove virus) - then turn on sys restore.

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