trojan? total pc lockdown on vista!

  XYXOXUXWXIXSXHX 16:12 01 Aug 2008

Hey alll, I have a real bad infection with my PC was wondering if anyone can help me out ok i got a notice on Kasperskyu I am runing vista i geta message saying I have a keylogger a warning wich is know however the notice isnt the problem after I get the warning no matter what I do the computer goes on lockdown totaly.

My files change or disapper i cant access no files or internet when i click files It says i havnt got permission however the files are totally different eg all my real files disappear when i got onto the net and open pages most of it isnt there eg i will see forum name and boxes where posts are but no actually names info or posts!

the message i get ia syntp.sys i know it originally belongs to synoptics touchpad but this isnt wat it is after i get the message every thing goes wrong its like i have a virus on a timer after i reinstalled vista yesterdays and day before I got this message 24 hours later!

I dont know what to do have tried every thing any suggestions please?

yesterdays I reinstalled vista again for 3rd time since this problem and since then I only added Kaspersky and few anti virus softwares etc not my original back up as i wanted to single it out so I know if the virus is from ma saved programmes or my PC it self!

Also I phoned virgin media and they made me do a check command prompt

netstat -a

and it came up with over 40 things tech guys told me to download adaware so i did but then afetr a while the netstat picked up just the same amount of things connected in the list.

SO i have to problems the original wich locksdown my PC and the long list of programmes netstat says im runing as I have been told that I shouldnt have more than 10 things coming up on netstat check!

any ideas suggestions ,


  brundle 16:40 01 Aug 2008

Take a look at this thread; click here download and update the program mentioned - disconnect from the net and scan.

The Netstat command is useful but if they didn't ask what programs you had open the results are virtually meaningless. A `normal` system with web browser open might easily have 40 different connections showing up after running the command.

If the scan doesn't improve matters visit one of the expert malware removal forums; click here

You'll need to download HijackThis and save a log file. click here

  XYXOXUXWXIXSXHX 18:26 01 Aug 2008

hey tahnks for your reply, I have asked at many forums will ask and try out your link I downloaded the software you recommended and will keep it for future use however it didnt pick nothing up I will try the forum.

Thanks for your help much apreciated.

If any one has any ideas why my PC keeps messing up please share,


  XYXOXUXWXIXSXHX 18:28 01 Aug 2008

Oh yeh the netstat was performed after I reinstalled vista and only had kaspersky runing nothing else at all and i did mention this to the tech guys as wel, but no luck,

  brundle 19:37 01 Aug 2008

Oh I see, fair enough that is a bit more unusual. How old is the PC? Do the problems occur if you don't access the internet at all? Have you tried booting from a Linux LiveCD to make sure the actual hardware is working ok? click here
How to burn an ISO file; click here
IMGBurn recommended; click here

Memory tests (you can run one from the Vista DVD if you boot from it) and hard-disk diagnostics might be worth trying too. This article was written for XP but for diagnostics that's irrelevant; click here

  XYXOXUXWXIXSXHX 13:09 02 Aug 2008

Well I havnt made an actual back up as of yet but I bought cds just waiting tilll I know every thing is clean otherwise theres no point, I havnt had the main virus alert yet so eevry thing seem may be ok im not sure tho as it took 1-2 days before aapearing, I stil havnt installed anything else, I used trian avg scanned nothing same with kaspersky wich is now on full alert eg highest level and also scanned livo one online, nothing again. Used malwarebytes nothing.

I got couple people helping me on different or actually one person trying different things so hopefully the main things are gone, adaware picked up alot of of stuff but that picks up things evry time i scan and i dont know wats what with that lol.

Im suprised I have left posts on all forums well few and ony couple one or two people reply lol.

anyways i KNOW ABOUT THE MEMORY TEST AND HOW TO BACK UP, oops caps, I think my hardware is ok be honest, image burn, ISO?

  brundle 13:22 02 Aug 2008

Maybe a false positive; click here

That would explain it `appearing` again, if Vista attempted to repair the deletion.

If you have a few people offering advice you can leave the ISO/Linux element for now, if things are improving.

  XYXOXUXWXIXSXHX 15:22 02 Aug 2008

well it s defo not a false positive like i said I have reinstalled vista 3 times this week first time i thought it was ride and downloading so wasnt sure if it waas downlaoded second time i added my saved software then 3rd time last time i havnt added nothing and its been ok so far, but even the other times i duno how i got it but now it does seem it mite of had somthing to do with my software it seem ok so im using vusta updates at mo. When i am defo sure every thing is ok i will make a backup cd.

But like i said main problem is not an actual keylogger its the fact that after i had teh message for a key logger saying syntp.sys is keyogger that my whole PC is desturcted files diappear change folders i cant access nothing folder internet is blank more less eg if i viewed this page id see u made a post but wont see ur actuall post or ur name just back ground and message box and this I think youl agree is not the work of a keylogger? hOWEVER THAT IS THE MAIN PROBLEM BUT NOT THE ONLY ONE ooops cps, lol, but yeh all doesnt seem as bad as before I have used so many tools so I think most of it is gone.

what does this ISO linux element do????????????

  Flying Grouse 15:58 02 Aug 2008

I do not know what advice you have been given @ other forums, but you have got to start from scratch after a problem like this. You have to completly erase your HDD. That's including your BOOT sector which could be infected.

You can get software for your HDD from your manufacturer of your drive to completely wipe your drive, or FDISK with a microsoft boot disk.

plus this software you are loading after installation of vista, is this from saved programs, go to the vendor and download fresh antivirus and also any other software just incase the disks you are using are infected.

  Flying Grouse 16:12 02 Aug 2008

PS. ditch Kaspersky and try Eset NOD32 antivirus

  Forum Editor 08:24 03 Aug 2008

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