muddypaws 09:39 27 Jun 2007

Anyone had this one? Nothing in PCA 'search'.
Just done a Spysweeper scan and it found this trojan. Apparently this is a remote access trojan.
Google search reveals various forums on it including Kapersky which didn't find it.
click here
Once deleted, they say, it re-appears on reboot, which I haven't yet done. I can't find any other registry entries for it.
In retrospect I did Adaware and Spybot yesterday and one of them, can't remember which, revealed a Windows Firewall disabler. Wondered if this could have been connected.

  provider 2 16:19 27 Jun 2007

Interesting, muddypaws, to see you mention IE firewall disabler. My Spybot also found an IE firewall problem but called the thing firewall bypass. Is that the same thing? There were two of them. I`ve installed SpywareBlaster in the hope that it will prevent registry changes.

  provider 2 16:30 27 Jun 2007

In my case the Trojan was Win32:Trojan-gen.(VC) nabbed by Avast!

  muddypaws 17:58 27 Jun 2007

provider2 Yes that was it--firewall bypass.
I have rebooted since then and just going to do another SS scan.

  muddypaws 18:04 27 Jun 2007

SS has found it again so will have to search for the traces somewhere when SS has finished.

  mfletch 18:34 27 Jun 2007

Hi all not posted here before!

muddypaws, Try Superantispyware {FREE} and if it does not pick the Trojan up? your AV maybe detecting the Trojan in your system restore?

click here

hope this helps

  muddypaws 18:58 27 Jun 2007

mfletch Thanks. Just going to do Spyware Terminator and then Super--.
may have to delete all restorepoints.Cheers.

  p;3 19:04 27 Jun 2007

try click here

on a full deep scan

  muddypaws 19:56 27 Jun 2007

p;3 Just doing a windows search for any signs then will do A-Squared. Cheers.
Spyware terminator found nothing.

  provider 2 20:27 27 Jun 2007

I have to say I`m having problems either with the terminology or maybe lack of knowledge ( both probably).
The Spybot printout says: Microsoft.Windows.IEFirewallBypass: Settings (registry value, fixed)
Trouble is I didn`t know IE had a firewall and if it doesn`t have a firewall what is Spybot talking about? Sorry to be so thick.

  muddypaws 21:14 27 Jun 2007

provider 2.
Join the club! Perhaps someone else can answer that?
I am running A-Squared at present and at the rate it is going it will finish about midday to-morrow! So might have to start again in the morning.

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