Trojan problems

  Darthchaffinch 00:12 06 Sep 2009

Have spent last 24hrs getting rid od trojans (~5; cryp.xpack.gen & dldr.cutwail.L.6 for example)- running Avira, SAS, spybot and ZA firewall but these all missed the trojans. I had to use combifix(?) and GWER (?) to get shot of them, my query is what program would/could have blocked them from infecting me PC? I now use Malwarebytes and 'noscript' add-on in firefox, will these do/help?
Thanks in advance.

  rdave13 00:20 06 Sep 2009

They all help but common sense is the best Anti virus/ trojan. WOT will help in firefox and IE8 if using a search engine. Not infalible but gives a general trend of how hostile or not a site is; click here

  BrianColneRoad 00:31 06 Sep 2009

My old computer has started displaying Spyware Alert which I understand is an infection. How can I remove this from the computer?

  rdave13 00:47 06 Sep 2009

Bit of a hijack of Darthchaffinch's post but being late I'd suggest downloading and updating Malwarebytes and Superantispyware. Free versions of both.
click here

click here

Run superantispyware in safe mode click here then reboot and run Malwarebytes.

  Darthchaffinch 11:22 06 Sep 2009

thanks rdave- I had up to date versions of both, but they let the trojans in anyway- do I ideally have to upgrade to the paid version in order to get real-time protection?

  mfletch 11:28 06 Sep 2009

The free versions do not give you real time protection,

But if you run a scan every week or so you should be OK.

Here are two antivirus programs that I would recommend

Panda Cloud click here

Avira click here

Only use one

  p;3 11:59 06 Sep 2009

A warning if I may;ComboFix is about the one program to NOT use unless you are asked to while in a specialised HJT setting; you are fortunate that the computer is still running ; I guess you did not read the ComboFix disclaimer?
click here

That said, do you have Avira, SAS fully updated/

Do you have Spybots Tea- Timer enabled? You also have Zone Alarm Firewall ( do you have Windows frewall too?)Could have a program clash going on

Have you yet run a full system scan with the updated Malwarebytes?

  Darthchaffinch 12:15 06 Sep 2009

Gord, I kinda read it....just wanted the damn thing fixed though. Everything is up to date, didn't know about the tea-timer, thanks. Run full scans last night and all clear now.

Thanks for your replies.

  p;3 12:43 06 Sep 2009

If you have Tea-timer?

click here

plus ZoneAlarm

click here

you may wish to consider if you have more than one firewall running?

  Darthchaffinch 12:58 06 Sep 2009

I just run ZA as firewall. The tea-timer add-on looks good, does it slow things down much?

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