Trojan or virus?

  Graham ® 08:51 08 Jun 2005

Called to a neighbours house last night. An email attachment had been opened with the following results:

Can't access certain websites, especially security sites such as Symantec (Norton AV).

Can't open Norton 2005 - 'An error has occured'. Same result with Norton CD, trying Repair.

Add/Remove programs lists only 3 old programs from 2004.

Can't receive emails.

Can't access the Registry.

I didn't get the chance to try Safe Mode, ran out of time. PCWorld had advised neighbour to use the XP recovery CD, so that's where I left it last night.

Does this point to a particular Trojan or Virus? Whatever it is, it has got past Norton.

  961 09:12 08 Jun 2005

Have you any details of the e-mail such as the heading or content?

  Graham ® 09:21 08 Jun 2005

It said something like 'update your profile'.

  961 09:29 08 Jun 2005

Looks something like W32/Mytob worm

There are a number of variants

See click here

  Graham ® 09:46 08 Jun 2005

Thanks. Looks like their definitions weren't up to date. Most recovery options seem to require editing the Registry, which of course isn't possible at the moment.

  gudgulf 10:16 08 Jun 2005

Can you get into safe mode and try system restore?

You could try Stinger click here which can be downloaded onto a floppy disc in another machine if you can't get on to the download site with the infected pc.There is also a MyTob removal tool by Symantec [email protected]" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here which is also small enough to fit on a floppy disc.

click here for PC Advisors news report on MyTob worm.

  gudgulf 10:18 08 Jun 2005

Sorry,here is the removal tool link click here

This site likes Symantec links even less than Microsoft ones,lol.

  Graham ® 10:34 08 Jun 2005

Thanks. System Restore was turned off when I got there. Neighbour says she didn't do it, or know how to do it.

Have downloaded the removal tool, if she has not already restored XP I will take it round.

  961 10:41 08 Jun 2005

Hi Graham

While on this sort of problem I wonder if it is worth looking at how (and if) Norton is updating itself on this system?

From reading past threads and reviews I get the impression that Live Update seems to get its definitions updated once a week. The manual job, from my memory of the sales pitch, seems to update "every couple of days or more often if necessary"

In this day and age I am aware that my free Avast seems to update every day, and sometimes 3 or even 4 times a day. F-Secure, which I used to run until it fell out with Zone Alarm, prided itself on updating fast and again often had more than one update per day

I don't really want to get into the Norton for and against argument but I just wonder how effective the (auto?) updating is on this computer


  Graham ® 10:45 08 Jun 2005

My thoughts exactly. She just leaves Norton to get on with things! Not enough, these days.

  Graham ® 17:26 08 Jun 2005

Virus received via MSN Messenger, not email.

Norton is set to update daily.

Mytob removal tool states 'Mytob not found' after it has run.

Installed AVG, no virus found.

Now going to try Stinger, unless they find the XP restore disk first!

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