is this a trojan? - or not?

  palinka 10:28 14 Nov 2008

I received (but did not open) an email supposedly from UPS about a non-deliverable package (that I had not sent) and warnings of what it would cost if I didn't collect it, etc etc.
I deleted, unopened, ran full scan etc.
Because it had been sent from a Pipex address I also forwarded it to the spam/abuse department there and received a reply that it contained "Mal/EncPk-FZ".
Today a friend tells me that he received the same but he did open it.
What's his best way of removing it?

  provider 2 12:08 14 Nov 2008

"Trojan-Spy.Zbot.YETH is a rootkit trojan which steals online banking information and downloads other malware as well."

From ThreatExpert: click here

  provider 2 12:14 14 Nov 2008

Perhaps one of these will remove it but I have no experience of using any of them:

click here

  aitch2 13:04 14 Nov 2008

I also had this one a couple of days ago. I'm using Mailwasher (click here) which at least gives me more control over my emails without them inadvertently getting onto the computer.

  palinka 14:48 14 Nov 2008

thank you both.
aitch2, I also use mailwasher, which helped me identify this one; problem is my friend obviously doesn't use mailwasher - not sure what he does use.

  DieSse 20:47 14 Nov 2008

I've had quite a number of these fake "UPS" messages.

Eset security (NOD32) identifies and removes them automatically thus rendering them harmless.

The secret is to get a good AV system with no "missing facilities" such as free AV versions usually suffer from.

Spybot S & D has rootkit detection - and a new tool Rootalyser

click here

And is generally a good all-round good anti-malware tool too.

However, with Eset I now find it normal that extra tools find no threats. A tribute to how nice it is to have a fully dependable security suite.

click here

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