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Trojan Horse warning on XP PC

  Hetti 19:06 17 Jul 2013

My brother has a PC running XP, the PC runs fine Avast free is his antivirus software.However he gets a warning from Avast when playing Candy crush on facebook it says "Trojan horse blocked JS:includer-fr(trj).

It does say the Trojan is blocked but should he worry? he has played the game for a number of weeks but has not had this warning until yesterday.

Any advice appreciated thanks

  Nontek 19:08 17 Jul 2013

Get him to run a full scan with MalwareBytes or similar, then delete any nasties so found.


The free version will do it.

  Hetti 16:40 18 Jul 2013

Thanks I did give him the info you sent ........thanks

  Nontek 19:34 18 Jul 2013

Good, it should do the trick.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:06 19 Jul 2013

Hetti, I don't think your brother needs to worry too much as his Avast detection is almost certainly a "false positive" - have a look here at a recent Facebook thread. Getting a second opinion from Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is never a bad idea though.

Jock1e, you may be interested to learn that Java Script and Java are actually two completely different things.

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