trojan horse virus,downloader

  grouse 18:22 26 Sep 2003

I am running XP home with AVG a.v. and was using XP's own firewall. I was recently informed by the avg programe that the computer had been infected by a trojan horse,avg detected 4 infected files,2 named trojan horse downloader. toolbar.g and 2 named trojan horse. downloader. dyrica.b, avg cleaned the files and placed a copy in the avg vault.another full scan showed virus free . but after connecting to the internet next day the virus returned, this repeated itself over a few days.I dumped XP,s firewall that cannot apparently work withh my isp AOL and installed zone alarm, this has stopped the reinfection,but i note in the zone alarm log that i have a programme that keeps attempting to connect that is being blocked I think thjat this is the offending trojan and although the firewall is blocking it I would like to know how to safely uninstall it or would i be OK to just leave it alone.
it appears in programme files ddm with sub folder FLEOK, i copied the files onto a floppy disc and tried to delete them but i keep getting the message that they are protected , can i delete them safely and if so how I am slowly getting more proficient but bare in mind I am no expert so short words are much appreciated, thanks dave

  VoG II 18:26 26 Sep 2003
  keith-236785 19:10 26 Sep 2003
  keith-236785 19:12 26 Sep 2003

click here for the direct link to the download, zone alarm free version.

  MAJ 19:28 26 Sep 2003

Hi grouse. Yes download and run ZoneAlarm and keep AVG up-to-date. I would also download Spywareblaster, which will stop some of these nasties getting on your system in the first place. click here also Adaware click here and Spybot Search and Destroy click here . To get rid of the files you mentioned, try delting them from Safe Mode and as you're using XP, de-activate System Restore to flush out the restore points, re-activate System Restore, after you have got rid of the trojans completely, and create a new, clean Restore Point. Firstly though, try "The Cleaner" from Moosoft, it is a fantastic trojan remover, it gets things the others miss. There's a 30 day trial click here

  grouse 18:00 27 Sep 2003

I downloaded moosoft cleaner
In my add remove list I have two programmes that I presume are connected to this trojan,they are "intastitial ad delivery by n-CASE" and "PAD lookups by n-CASE" if I try to uninstall them I get a warning that I can only do so if I connect to the net, this doesn't seem a good idea to me any help appreciated (grouse)

  MAJ 19:32 27 Sep 2003

Hi grouse, if you download and run Adaware and Spybot (links above) they should remove them for you. There is also an uninstaller supplied by n-Case for removing the program, you can download it from click here if Adaware and Spybot don't get rid of it. The reason you were asked to connect to the internet was so that you could be taken to the homesite for instructions, which are just basically what you've been doing.

  grouse 21:02 27 Sep 2003

all sorted after visiting the site it allowed me to uninstall without having to download the uninstaller. ahve done another virus check and seems all clear so fingers crossed thanks again

  MAJ 21:10 27 Sep 2003

Glad to help, grouse. :-)

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