trojan horse virus

  chrisak 08:01 29 Dec 2003

i have a trojan horse downloader swizzor remove it i need to go to MS-DOS mode (I can do that) but I dont know how to find the infected file.

  Jester2K 08:04 29 Dec 2003

What version Windows?

  Jester2K 08:04 29 Dec 2003

Also what Anti Virus and is it up to date?

  chrisak 08:07 29 Dec 2003

I am running Windows ME.
I use AVG anti virus and yes it is up to date

  Jester2K 08:17 29 Dec 2003

Can you start in Safe Mode?

Is the virus located in c:\system inforamtion\restore or something like that? The scanner should tell you.

  Terrahawk 08:34 29 Dec 2003

i dont use avg but i would assume you can create rescue disks. If Jester 2k ideas dont work try rescue disks they should allow you to boot into and run av in dos mode, you will have to set your A: drive to first bootable device

  BBez 08:40 29 Dec 2003

i'm using AVG 7.0 where you can access the rescue disk wizard from AVG's control centre. I assume it can be accessed from there in previous versions.

Jester2K's suggestion will let you run a scan without any files being locked. To boot into safe mode, press F8 key while booting then choose, safe mode from the menu that pops up

  chrisak 09:27 29 Dec 2003

Virus is on drive.....that is all i know about it. doesnt say what drive or anything else

  VoG II 09:30 29 Dec 2003

Try The Cleaner click here

  chrisak 10:40 29 Dec 2003

Well VoG, I d/l The Cleaner and it didnt pick up the trojan, but when I ran AVG again it what next? Im getting more and more confused by the minute...LOL

  Jester2K 10:58 29 Dec 2003

AVG does tell you WHERE the file is. Open Test Results and look there. Open the line that says "File Infected" and look at the details... What does it say?

(I bet this is another System restore one)

Have you tried scanning in Safe Mode?

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