Trojan Horse Pakes AV - HELP!!!!

  hefs 18:03 28 Mar 2010

Hi all,
I am a bit of a novice when it comes to PC's so I need some help please. A few days ago a virus alert appeared as a pop up informing me I had been infected by Threat Name 'Trojan Horse Pakes AV' and File Name 'c:\Windows\Temp\TEVP.(3 random letters)\svchost.exe
This then gives me 3 options to Heal, Move to Vault or Ignore. I have tried to heal but it always says file not detected. This has happened every 10 minutes or so when I am logged on. I have tried to find the vault in the c:drive but to no avail.
Is there anyone that can help me to remove this virus and also is this dangerous? ie could someone be tapping into my details, log ins, passwords etc?
Thanks in advance of any help anyone can give

  Sea Urchin 18:07 28 Mar 2010

What is the title of the pop up box - is it from one of your anti virus/anti spyware programs? If not then it's probably a rogue anti-malware program.

  Sea Urchin 18:11 28 Mar 2010
  hefs 18:33 28 Mar 2010

The title on the pop up box is 'Resident Shield Alert' and then it says Accessed file is infected and THREAT DETECTED !!!!
I currently have AVG anti virus software, version 8.5.437 which was the free download

  Sea Urchin 18:49 28 Mar 2010

Then I would follow the thread I posted earlier - and use rkill.exe and Malwarebytes - or if no good then go the Hijack This route.

  hefs 19:50 28 Mar 2010

Do I need to carry out BurrWalnut's advice in the link you've attached and download Rkill.exe?
If so what does this actually do?
He says to disable any anti programs that are running before downloading. I haven't got a clue what these are?
Sorry if I'm souding a complete divvy but as I said I am really a novice.

  birdface 20:04 28 Mar 2010

Looks like it is a nastie.

click here

Going with that it is a rootkit that steals passwords for banking Etc.
maybe best going to.

click here

And follow instructions from there.
They are usually very busy so may take a couple of days before they contact you.
But they will clean up your computer.

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