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Trojan Horse Generic VPN

  anskyber 15:15 21 May 2006

Working at a distance here so information is limited. My brother in law has identified a trojan horse generic vpn, or at least AVG free version has. AVG has not destroyed the trojan horse or put it into any quarantine (virus vault) Spybot and Adaware have not identified it so obviously cannot fix it.
He's on XP sp2.

  anskyber 15:19 21 May 2006

Thanks will do!

  beynac 15:19 21 May 2006

Try ewido click here Run a scan in Safe Mode.

  anskyber 15:26 21 May 2006

Sorry folks it seems it is Trojan horse UFN. Apologies.

  anskyber 16:37 21 May 2006

Thanks for that one and all. I have passed it all on to my brother in law. I have also advised (as strongly as I can!!) that registering with this site is a must.

  anskyber 17:26 21 May 2006

PS. I have also downloaded the suggested tools. They appear to be very useful. Its easy to get paranoid about these things but its nice to have a few salvos in the cupboard!!

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