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Trojan Horse Generic UFN

  anskyber 20:55 21 May 2006

Here again I'm afraid. First of all thanks to those that have helped so far. at a distance I'm trying to help my brother in law who has a trojan horse generic UFN. It has been identified by AVG free but the virus vault system with AVG has not isolated it and the application of Spybot, adAware, A squared, and e-wido has not even detected it.

  anskyber 20:58 21 May 2006

Will do.

  beynac 21:01 21 May 2006

It sounds like it could be a false-positive if all of those anti-malware systems are not finding it and AVG is not dealing with it.

To be sure, I suggest you get him to download HijackThis from click here and post a log here, click here

  anskyber 21:25 21 May 2006

Thanks both. It seems like a false positive to me as well but he is quite concerned about it particularly in view of the on line banking he does. Lets see.

  anskyber 09:11 22 May 2006

Late last night I heard that the problem was that AVG cannot deal with zip files. (according to my brother in law) so once the file was opened (!!!) and deleted all was well again.

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