Trojan Horse found on my PC

  lilliebet 01:58 02 Dec 2003

My AVG scanner has found a trojan horse, dropper swicer A on my PC but can't get rid of it. What can I do?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 02:02 02 Dec 2003

Had same thing on my pc a while back AVG found it with the resident scan,ran a full scan and it did clean it but it left nasty affects had to format,might not be like that with you have a look
click here

might help


  beeuuem 02:15 02 Dec 2003

Try the following:-

Disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP).

Restart the computer in Safe mode or VGA mode.

Run a full system scan and delete all the files detected as Trojan dropper.

  lilliebet 02:46 02 Dec 2003

A Nickname

Ran TrojanScan - no joy - didn't detect this one. Should I have disabled AVG first?


My OS is 98 and I'm a complete novice. Don't know how to restart in safe or VGA mode (or how to return from there) Any help?

  beeuuem 03:08 02 Dec 2003

The usual way is to reboot the computer and tap F8 as the computer boots up, but some computers have a different key to get into safe mode. The method given below is a little longer but more certain as it will work on all computers.
From: click here

Windows 98/Me
Windows 98/Me includes the System Configuration Utility. If you can start the computer normally into Windows, this is the easiest--and the recommended--way to restart the computer in Safe mode.

To configure the System Configuration Utility to start the computer in Safe mode:

Close all open programs.
Click Start, and then click Run. The Run dialog box appears.
Type 'msconfig' and then click OK.

The System Configuration Utility, Click "Advanced."

The Advanced Troubleshooting Settings dialog box appears. Check the 'Enable Startup Menu' box , and then click OK. Click OK again when the System Configuration Utility reappears.

You will be prompted to restart the computer. Click Yes. The computer will restart in Safe mode. (This can take several minutes.)

Note: When you are finished with all troubleshooting (in Safe mode) repeat these steps, but in step 5, uncheck "Enable Start-up Menu." Then close all programs and restart the computer as you normally would.

  lilliebet 13:56 02 Dec 2003

Just been reading reviews of Messenger Plus on and it looks like that's where I got this Trojan from. It seems very difficult to remove too. Will try Beeuuem's advice soon as I get home (with fingers crossed.) Beware of downloading this program, twenty one cases can't be a coincidence.

  A Cat Called George 15:29 02 Dec 2003

try click here for advice and perhaps a removal tool you can download.

  lilliebet 19:49 02 Dec 2003

Performed full scan in safe mode and AVG was then able to heal by itself. Thanks to Beeuuem and all for invaluable advice.

  beeuuem 21:46 02 Dec 2003

Glad to be of help and that all is now well.

  3tg 00:13 30 Jan 2004

I have this problem, if it is OK with everyone I will put this in with my postings so I can refer to it, Thanks.

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