Trojan horse

  boo_hiss_boo 15:15 14 Aug 2004


a few days ago, AVG found trojan horse and healed the file. I had a message today syaing that this is back, however, I have done a search in both Ask jeeves and google but found no listing ANYWHERE!? I have checked my AVG log and I have spelt it right. Anybody know anything at all about this and what these downloaders do?


  stalion 15:21 14 Aug 2004

use the program I gave you last time to remove it,do a fresh download of it as they update every week
click here

  stalion 15:26 14 Aug 2004

this is just info to explain to you what a trojan does.Don,t worry.Regards click here

  boo_hiss_boo 15:28 14 Aug 2004


I tried to do this, but the page will not load up from the link. I went back into the other thread from you and tried the link. I just tried the one here aswell and same problem.


  boo_hiss_boo 15:36 14 Aug 2004


ok, I used the download 7 and I am going to scan in aminute, I will let you know....


  boo_hiss_boo 15:48 14 Aug 2004


escan came up clean, but only an hour or so, a pop up box came up telling me that the trojan was on my pc and that I needed to scan with AVG.... nothing is being found on the scans though... ?

I am rather puzzled


  Dan the Confused 16:10 14 Aug 2004

Try this click here

  boo_hiss_boo 16:23 14 Aug 2004


I tried the link but I keep getting 'page cannot be displayed' when I try to actually scan..


  Dan the Confused 16:33 14 Aug 2004

Have you tried running all your current anti-spyware and anti-virus software in safe mode? (Boot up and press F8 before Windows loads and select it from menu that appears.)

  boo_hiss_boo 17:35 14 Aug 2004


no I havn't.... I will do this.

I will let you know.....


  boo_hiss_boo 18:54 16 Aug 2004


I did all of the scans in safe mode (except AVG which would not find the path) but I run spybot and a2 and both came up clean. However I have had another message saying the following

AVG Resident Shield
Trojan horse Downloader.Swizzor.BL

is found in file
C:\System Volume Information\_restore{54459E15-55F2-4FB6-97AC-964E1E347A74}\RP26\A0004390.exe

To remove this virus please run AVG for Windows.

Thanks for any response

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