trojan horse downloader Zlob.WEN

  palinka 22:06 29 Apr 2008

A friend said she had problems with her PC; when I did a scan AVG reported this trojan horse. Now safely quarantined, but I can't find it mentioned anywhere (eg in lists of threats).
Any info available?

  MAT ALAN 22:16 29 Apr 2008

click here

if it is quarantined the PC is safe, no point in making work for yourself...

  p;3 00:07 30 Apr 2008

which version of avg antivirus is being run?

what is her windows version and what other scans has she run to check for infections ?

  palinka 10:56 30 Apr 2008

OS is Vista home premium, AVG is 7.5
I think the problem was that she hadn't updated AVG manually for a week or so and the auto update was set for a time of day when her computer isn't normally switched on.
I updated AVG and ran a scan and I also ran Spybot for her (it was on her PC but she hadn't used it!)
She called me at a time when I was very busy and the problem she reported was quite minor; discoverted it wasn't when i went round. So later today i'm going back to switch off Sys Restore and switch on again to empty any memory of the trojan.
I'll run Housecall and at the same time I'll check to see if she has downloaded Windows updates - answer is probably not.

  p;3 15:25 03 May 2008

not sure why you have chosen to turn System restore off ? at least you still HAVE it even if it is infected; when you turn it off you lose that facility should you require it ;

what scans have now been run on it and what did they find? hopefully restore is still on; you cna flush it out later

have you yet run superantispyware and squared on it in full deep scans ??

  palinka 19:24 03 May 2008

p;3, thanks. We have both been very busy with other things since I started this thread so we haven't done any other scans yet - but she hasn't been using her computer and has now gone away for a week so I won't be able to do anything until she returns.
Yes, Sys Restore is still on because i didn't have time to do the things i'd planned.
When she returns I'll run superantispyware and A2.
Spybot found the same as AVG.

  VoG II 19:29 03 May 2008

To echo P;3's remark, it is always best to have a system restore point to go back to even if it is infected.

Malware removal can cause unsuspected errors afterwards. At least with a restore point, you can recover the system and try something else.

Once the infection is removed you can then disable SR to get rid if any infected restore points, then turn SR on again and create a restore point.

  Sea Urchin 19:45 03 May 2008

computer isn't normally switched on.

When editing Schedule make sure that "If Internet connection is not available check when it next goes online" is ticked.

  palinka 20:27 03 May 2008

thanks very much everyone.
I'm sure I'll be able to sort it out when she is home again. Meanwhile I'll tick resolved.

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