trojan horse-can`t find it

  nhojnhoj35 12:23 21 Jul 2004

i got badly infected with trojan horses yesterday (15 all together!!)

i got rid of them all by installing and running avg and i also ran a2. both say my system is now clear.

as a 3rd option i ran trendmicro`s online scanner but at the same point in its scan each time i get an avg pop up saying there is a trojan dialler in a particular file and it tells me to run avg but avg isn`t finding it.

if i go to the location theres nothing there. i`ve changed the folder settings to show hidden folders but no joy. i also switched off system restore but its still doing the same thing.

any ideas anyone.

  nhojnhoj35 13:50 21 Jul 2004


  Al94 14:00 21 Jul 2004

Delete your AVG6 free edition and download the 30 day trial of AVG 7, update it and do a full scan. This sorted trojan problems for me this week. You can then delete the trial version (or buy it as I intend to) and reinstall the free version.

  nhojnhoj35 14:31 21 Jul 2004

ok, thx.
Is that to imply that the free version isn`t up to scratch?

  johnnyrocker 15:04 21 Jul 2004

free version works ok for me, have you tried spy bot?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:05 21 Jul 2004

Does avg say that the trojan is in a cache file?

This is because avg is moving files from their real location to a cache (safe place) before examining them. so as not to infect other files as the trojan is opned. The cache is then deleted

That's why they are not there when you look for them.

Post back the file location and I will tell you where to look for manual deletion.

  Al94 15:11 21 Jul 2004

Dunno nhojnhoj35 all I know is that it kept reappearing after deleting with AVG6 (including turning off system restore) but AVG 7 seemed to find it in more locations and it hasn't come back since (touch wood)

  nhojnhoj35 16:00 21 Jul 2004

ok, to add to this.

AVG, A2, Adaware and Spybot all say my system is clear but if I switch AVG off and run Trendmicro it has now detected a further 5 trojan horses.
3 of these are TROJAN AGENT.G which are described as high risk and there are two more that are described as low to medium risk - linked to spyware (although adaware and spybot are not finding them! They are tagged as uncleanable and I am given the option to delete the entire folder (not sure if I should do this!)

@ fruitbat - the previous trojan detected by AVG whilst running Trendmicro was located in the following location....
documentsandsettings\myprofile\localsettings\temp\V48S3Da02232. There is no mention of a cache file. Does that mean something to you?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:21 21 Jul 2004

Stinger click here

CW Shredder click here

can't remember if its Stinger or shredder that gets rid of this

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