Trojan horse BackDoor.Small.18.AP

  canadaSub 15:35 10 Mar 2005

My AVG Free has noted I have a virus in "C:\windows\system32\vtd_16.exe" with a result of "Trojan horse BackDoor.Small.18.AP" but does not delete this virus. I cannot find anything on a "Trojan horse BackDoor.Small.18.AP" virus but only a Haxdoor virus. I have a newish Pentium 4 laptop with AVG Free, Spybot S&D, SpywareBlaster and Ad-Aware Personal which are updated every week at least.
On the internet, the screen went blue and rebooted. laptop booted as far as the log-on screen then came the blue screen of death. I've managed to run the laptop ok now but AVG keeps saying I have this Trojan horse BackDoor.Small.18.AP and I can't get rid of it.
please help before I scrub the hard drive..... something I am not wanting to do as this laptop has no floppy A drive, just a DVD/CD ROM combo and USB drives.
Got to go to work now but hope someone can post some help.

  Diemmess 15:43 10 Mar 2005

Trend Housecall is a freebie that might clear this for you, and certainly won't make matters here

If you can clear it this way, then have a good think how this got past your defences in the first place..... "prevention is better than ......etc"

  canadaSub 02:08 11 Mar 2005

Thanks for your response Diemmess.

It is not like I do not have any defences (I am not claiming to be indestructable) but I run AVG Free anti-virus, Spybot S&D, SpywareBlaster and Ad-Aware Personal and ZoneAlarm firewall which are updated every week at least. Got me this one though!

  sidecar sid 08:03 11 Mar 2005

Try a scan with a²

click here

  canadaSub 13:45 11 Mar 2005

Thanks sidecar sid but I tried that and it didn't pick it up. Just finished Trend Housecall so I'll reboot and let you know how I got on.

  canadaSub 15:27 11 Mar 2005

Housecall found and deleted another virus and a couple of cookies but this virus is still there. Installed WinPatrol click here and it shows a startup program called "secboot" which starts vtd_16.exe (previously deleted before booting up). It shows the registry key that starts it but when i went into regedit, the entry wasn't there.

Found this at click here which I will try next.

  canadaSub 18:51 12 Mar 2005

That didn't work either................

  stalion 18:53 12 Mar 2005
  rdave13 19:10 12 Mar 2005

Try running all the above with S.R. off.

  canadaSub 20:10 12 Mar 2005

a² didn't pick anything up and I have been working on this all along after turning off my syaten restore.

I am very close to wiping my hard drive clean!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:31 12 Mar 2005

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