trojan horse

  karl1483 16:03 13 Jul 2004

i have been recently getting a message on my computer whilst happily working away telling me i have a trojan horse and that i need to run avg to get rid of it. which i have done and avg says there is no virus,however this message still keeps comming back.the pc is working fine and there seem to be no ill affects but i was wondering why it keeps comming back.i am useing win xp pro on a athlon 2600 256mb ram.anyone any ideas many thanks.i am sorry i cant be more specific on the exact message being shown

  keith-236785 16:23 13 Jul 2004

Trojans and Virus's are different items and need to be dealt with in different ways, AVG is a virus checker and may not pick up on the trojan.

click here and download the 30 day trial of ATS (anti-trojan-shield).

install it and run a full scan of ALL hard drives / partitions.

this is a trial and will not delete anything it finds, but it will report if you have a trojan on your system.

  keith-236785 16:24 13 Jul 2004

Forgot to say, if anyone advises turning off system restore, IGNORE the advice as you may need to restore to a previous point to get rid of this.

  rawprawn 16:25 13 Jul 2004

Try running Spybot, Ad-aware, and Ccleaner
click here
click here
click here
Update them all before running.

  dave01_uk 16:29 13 Jul 2004

Fair bit of advice but there is always a chance of the Trojan sitting in the system restore files which of course do not get scanned by Anti-Virus software therefore making it impossible to remove it without turning system restore off.
I suppose turning it off would be the last option to try if everything else fails

  karl1483 16:35 13 Jul 2004

paperman yo mentioned about turning of sys restore i have proviously tried to restore the pc to an eairlier state and it would not let me, could this be a symtem of the trojan horse i still can not use the restore facility any ideas

  keith-236785 17:47 13 Jul 2004


good point, i know the trojan may have infected the system restore, but you dont need to turn it off and lose all restore points to delete the infected entry, it is possible to just remove one restore point, if Karl1483 discovers the system restore is infected then i will explain how to delete the bad entry only, leaving other points intact so he may be able to roll back to before the trojan infection.

Karl1483, install and run ATS, then report back with the findings, System restore may have been disabled by the trojan anyway, but it may just be a damaged windows file that is stopping you from using system restore.

what you need to do before using system restore is get rid of any nasties on your system, then if you need to you can use system restore.

do a trojan scan and come back with the findings and we will take it from there

good luck

  karl1483 18:15 13 Jul 2004

thanks paperman27 have downloaded and installed ATS having loads of problems with it,it will not complete scanning have emailed ATS will all relavant data and now awaiting reply.i have also been on the ATS help forum it seems as of problem i am having with ATS is not only limited to me keep getting access violations when scanning.thanks for your help paperman27 will report back when resolved

  keith-236785 18:52 13 Jul 2004

maybe someone else can point you towards a different trojan scanner, i also use "the cleaner" click here

you could try that too if you want.

stick with it and we will sort it out

  VoG II 18:59 13 Jul 2004

a² is good click here

paperman27 - please can you post your method for deleting a single restore point - for future reference. "I am guilty".

  rawprawn 20:09 13 Jul 2004

Here is how to leave the current restore point, but I don't know how to choose which you can leave. Start/Programs/Accessories/System tools and click Disc Cleanup, when it has finished click more options tab,then the cleanup button next to system restore. All RP's with the exception of the last one will be erased.
Courtesy Daily Telegraph.

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