Trojan gone missing

  Elwell 11:45 21 Jun 2004

AVG keeps finding a trojan - DOWNLOADER.PLAYGAMES.A in a file called gaming.exe in Windows\Downloaded Program Files but cannot remove it. No other virus or trojan removers have found it and when I look for it in the directory it is not there - I have hidden files shown. Also checked registry and nothing shows. Is this a phantom or does it really exist and is very good at hiding?


  byfordr 11:59 21 Jun 2004

Have you tried clearing all temp files? May be lurking in there, also have you tried turning off system restore?


  Elwell 12:42 21 Jun 2004

Yes - cleared temp files run other virus and trojan checkers and disabled system restore. AVG is adamant it exists but I am wondering if there might somehow be a log in it that it keeps referring to. I am only using the free edition so cannot ask their support. I have checked on web for references to this trojan but it doesn't come up anywhere. This quite bizarre.

  byfordr 13:06 21 Jun 2004

The cleaner click here Pest Patrol click here click here are normally pretty good for finding nasties, follow the links for free trial.


  Elwell 18:47 21 Jun 2004

The Cleaner and PestPatrol found stuff but not this trojan and even AVG doesn't find it! It still says its there though. It must be a virus scanner problem. Thanks for your help. The Cleaner and PestPatrol look good.

  rawprawn 18:59 21 Jun 2004

Go to Start/Run/Type regedit/ make sure My computer is highlighted/ click Edit,click Find type gaming.exe click find next. Delete anythig it finds relating to yo problem, Click Find Next again, and do the same again until it finds no more.Do not touch anything else in the registry and back it up before you start. ( In reg editor click File / Export choose a place you will remember for example My Documents and OK. You can restore by double clicking the saved file in case of problems.

  Elwell 10:35 22 Jun 2004

Ok. Done that and nothing found but AVG still says it is in the Downloaded Program Files directory!

  rawprawn 15:32 22 Jun 2004

Try again, but this time type DOWNLOADER.PLAYGAMES.A see what that brings up.

  rawprawn 15:35 22 Jun 2004

Before you do that, I am assuming that you have looked in "add or remove programs"??

  rawprawn 15:37 22 Jun 2004

Also go to Start/run/ type msconfig hit enter, the check in the list of start programs (click the start tab) see if it's there if it is untick it.

  Elwell 17:16 22 Jun 2004

Thanks. Not in registry under any guise or in startup but I have found a trojan called TrojanDownloader.Playgames.A mentioned on the Kaspersky site and on a Korean site. I'll download the trial Kaspersky software and see if that does the trick. The odd thing is that AVG says it is there, run AVg so I do. It finds it again but doesn't remove but says run AVG! Its a bit of a loop.

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