Trojan in Firefox set up

  birdface 09:37 18 Feb 2010

I just had A squared come up with a Trojan while scanning.
Trojan found in documents/Firefox set up 3.6 exe.
now I would normally treat this as a false positive but I am sure I have read elsewhere that there was a problem with the 3.6 version of Firefox.
Anyone else getting the same problem.
I know A Squared throws up a lot of false positives but they usually fix them with their next update.
And before the bandwagon starts rolling I am quite happy with A Squared and do not want to change.
But thanks for thinking of telling me.Ho ho.

  rdave13 09:44 18 Feb 2010

Scanned with Avast and clean (36.9 MB). Nothing with mallwarebytes either.
buteman, won't mention A2... ;)

  birdface 09:52 18 Feb 2010

Solved.It was another False positive but it did not take them long to rectify it.
Posted the log to them about 5 minutes ago and they just responded and have reversed the quarantine and reinstalled it.
Bet you had to bite your tongue not to mention A2.
If they find a false positive they will reverse it now.
In earlier versions it was to late as we already deleted them but every thing gets put into quarantine now just to be safe.

  Input Overload 09:54 18 Feb 2010

I had this on one scan with A2, but it never came up again so I assumed it was another A2 false positive, as last week it thought 'The Cleaner Setup' was a Trojan too. I've just ditched A2.

  birdface 10:10 18 Feb 2010

Were you using the free or pay for version of A Squared.
Apart from the odd false positive that it usually fixes on the next update i think it is a good program.
lets face it would you rather have a false positive or a Trojan on your computer.
I don't mind the false positives you know it is not going to let anything get past it I suppose that is why you get so many F/Ps. better safe than sorry.
In your position i would probably have got rid of Eset an kept A Squared.
What happens when it starts having problems with Superantispyware.
Anyway best of luck I hope it works well for you.

  Input Overload 11:00 18 Feb 2010

Full version, I also have the start up program Trojan Remover, & Malwarebytes which I have few issues with. I've used A2 for some time but lately the FP's have been quite often, & I I practice safe Surfing I have only had a couple of major malware on my PC in 14 years.

I think I was a bit over the top with anti-malware anyway, I'll just scan once a month with A2.

Thanks for the reply buteman, good to disagree & have no problems with it.

  Input Overload 11:08 18 Feb 2010

P.S I'm very fickle as my friends know & I'm likely to put A2 back on tomorrow ;-)

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