Trojan Dyfica.AA keeps coming on my PC

  AnthonyB 17:27 11 Feb 2004

Hello, I think Dyfica.AA is what it's called. It is a little like "Windows messenger" - the one that keeps annoyingly popping up on your screen from time to time (got that sorted however)

Is this "Dyfica.AA" a virus? - and if so, while doesn't AVG pick it up/clean it when it prompts me on the screen to do so (run AVG that is by Grisoft).

Yesterday, i installed "Adaware", and it sorted these Trojans out first off (detected them and cleaned them) but now even that doesn't spot it (when running a scan). Well, I don't know whether this "virus" is still on my pc or not - or if it's a virus anyway.......

Thanks for you help in advance.

PS - I did a search and somewhere it was said the Virus is called "Dyfuca" and not Dyfica - even though it appears on your screen this way (to confuse even more...if that was possible:)


  Jester2K 17:30 11 Feb 2004

"but now even that doesn't spot it (when running a scan). "

So its not there then.

It is a virus of sorts click here (its actually a Porn Dialler)

AVG should sort this one. I'd suggest update AVG, boot into Safe Mode and scan with AVG and then AdAware (make sure thats up to date too) then you know you are clean.

  Jester2K 17:31 11 Feb 2004

Oh and if AVG detects the virus in a folder called c:\system information\restore then click here because its trapped in System restore and AVG can't touch anything in their. It can detect but not remove.

  VoG II 17:32 11 Feb 2004
  AnthonyB 18:57 11 Feb 2004

Well, Can't seem to Start AVG in safe mode, I click on it and nothing happens (except after a minute - Can't load AVG in safe mode) or something like that. Adaware run though - but didn't detect Trojan dyfica.AA/Dyfuca.AA - so Is it still on my system? (I have disabled system restore BTW using the above method in the link)

Will Trend-online delete it? (I ask this because it takes a good hour for this to load up/scan etc!



  AnthonyB 20:15 11 Feb 2004


done the Trend-online scan click here (to see which one) and still not detected it, also run AVG in normal mode, as it will not run in safe mode - so not sure were you got that from.

Thanks for the help anyway.


  Jester2K 20:16 11 Feb 2004

"Adaware run though - but didn't detect Trojan dyfica.AA/Dyfuca.AA - so Is it still on my system?"

No its not.... Why would it suddenly stop detecting it for no reason other than its not there?

  AnthonyB 20:30 11 Feb 2004

...........Because it didn't detect it in the first place

  AnthonyB 20:34 11 Feb 2004

I found the Virus (the one listed) on *Saturday*, I run Adaware, it detected it (AVG Didn't though), I deleted it. So why did it "come back" today?.


  gudgulf 21:27 11 Feb 2004

If it keeps coming back,even after deleting it then it is probably being redownloaded from a web site that you or anyone else who uses your pc is viewing.Adaware will remove it but can't stop it from reinstalling itself.

Have you tried Spybot Search&Destroy ? this is very good at dealing with dialers and it also has an innoculation function which can stop these things from getting onto your computer in the first place.

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