Trojan downloader

  [DELETED] 20:05 19 Nov 2003

I am running Windows ME and have got a virus called ‘Trojan Downloader’. When I ran Norton AV it told me that the virus was in C:\windows\temp\
I followed the instructions on the Symantec website, which told me to turn off System Restore, restart in safe mode and run the AV program again. This I did and it found the virus, but it wouldn’t let me delete it or even put it into quarantine.
Has anyone got any ideas how to get rid of this virus to save my sanity?

  [DELETED] 20:17 19 Nov 2003

As you know where the virus is, you could start up in DOS mode, navigate your way to it and delete it. That way you would be sure of disposing of it. I had exactly the same problem a couple of years ago, and that was how I cured it.

  [DELETED] 20:29 19 Nov 2003

Many thanks for your reply, but I'm not very computer literate, nor as young as I used to be haha.
Could you please explain how to accomplish this worrying sounding solution?
Also as the virus is in a Windows file, is it safe to just delete the file?
If my memory serves me right the virus was named susp.exe in a file called Therefore if i delete the cab file will my computer still work?

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