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  Big Trev 11:50 25 Oct 2003

I awoke this morning to find a Virus Alert on my PC.

Norton anti-virus had found two instances of ddm_d.exe and gm.exe.

They are in the following directories:

Norton Anti-virus is unable to repair them. I can't delete them.

Several questions.
1) If I've got up to date anti-virus software, why have I picked up a virus?
2) Does anybody know what these are and how to get rid of them?
3) Is my PC in grave danger?

  muppetmark 11:54 25 Oct 2003

Does this
click here Help

  muppetmark 11:56 25 Oct 2003

Also click here

  The Spires 13:02 25 Oct 2003

The problem is that all Anti Virus software is slightly behind the Virusus', if this was to do with the Desktop whasit mentioned in the other threads, Norton may have just caught on during the last update. Having a 'Image' of your system done on a regular basis is a good idea. click here You can then take your system back totaly to a point before you had problems. It's making more & more sense as it's becoming apparent that a virus can overwhelm millions of users before they even update their definitions.

  nkosi 13:03 25 Oct 2003

Although I haven't yet had the pleasure of ddm, your post raises the subject of new style software nuisances that seem to fall outside the usual adware/virus groupings. My 12 year old surfs around the usual kid's sites and downloads screen savers and flash games. He knows not to download anything without doing a Norton virus check. I also have spyware blaster, adaware, spybot and google's popup blocker. All kept up to date. But last week we still landed a browser hijacker called showbehind (or something) that clogged windows up like treacle. I had to resort to GoBack to clear it completely.

What other software can we run to protect ourselves from these new nasties that aren't necessarily adware or trojans? For instance, is there a browser hijacker preventer?

  The Spires 13:46 25 Oct 2003

You can have the best protected house there is, locks everywhere etc, but if you open the front door & invite someone in because he looks nice but you don't know him, expect problems. The same is true with Pc's, there are people I 'know' who still have problems despite having a firewall, Av, etc, because they download & invite trouble in. I now limit the amount of time & attention I give to these ones.

  nkosi 13:14 26 Oct 2003

Nice analogy, The Spires. Taking it a bit further I'll still keep the door open but employ a team of bouncers to check their invitations! Further to my question about browser hijackers a new bouncer has joined my team - spywareguard. He claims to be able to spot hijackers better. His brother, spywareblaster has been a valued member for a while now and I'm hoping that he keeps up the standard.

  The Spires 22:43 26 Oct 2003

nkosi yes I installed SpwareGuard a few weeks ago, no problems with it, I think prevention is certainly better than a cure with these things.

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