Trojan dialer prob help please..thankyou

  bof:) 21:56 28 Dec 2004

Hi All,

OS windowsME.

Just had a friend on the phone saying she has run AVG (free version 7.0) and although its not updated its found the following:

Content browser Trojan Horse.Dialer.15.w

I've got her to look in the virus vault and there was nothing there so we turned off system restore...rebooted and ran AVG again only in safe mode.

Again it found the above trojan but didnt put it in the virus vault. There was some message about could not heal.

I've tried a search in google and symantec for trojan hose dialer.15.w but have come up with nothing. Can anyone help please.


  VoG II 21:59 28 Dec 2004

Try Spybot click here and a² click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:17 28 Dec 2004

Bitdefender click here
Stinger click here

  bof:) 22:18 28 Dec 2004

Hi Vog,

Tried Spybot some time ago on this PC and it froze it.

Friend has got A-squared....but not updated. I'll get her to run it first without updating.

She is scared of conncting and running her phone bill up. I do keep telling her to update and run AVG adaware etc.

Many thanks for yor help (again)


  JaßîsFaß ˜ 22:21 28 Dec 2004

AVG should tell her where the files are located. By going through same process as she has already done, can she delete the files identified while in safe mode?

I recently had to remove a trojan in the same way and got rid of it this way because AVG would not heal it.

  bof:) 22:24 28 Dec 2004

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\,

many thanks also for your help.

I've emailed the sites to my friend but as I've just mentioned to VOG, she is now scared to connect to the net.

  bof:) 22:27 28 Dec 2004

Hi JaßîsFaß ˜, all she knows is that its in 'My documents'. The virus seems to be located in some work her daughters boyfriend was doing.


  VoG II 22:29 28 Dec 2004

If she won't connect, no fix.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 22:32 28 Dec 2004

Ask her to open the AVG test centre, go to Test Results, and look at the last scan & look at the 'content' of last test results. Then she should be able to see in the first column the location and file name of the affected file(s).

  bof:) 00:49 31 Dec 2004

Hi All,

Many thanks again for your help. I managed to persuade her to reconnect and update verything she had ie: AVG: Adaware:Spyblaster: A-Squared and run them all again.

A-squared didnt find anything.

AVG foud the virus and we deleted the file the virus was in. Then re-ran was clear.

Once again I've stressed to my friend to update verything daily if she can but you can only lead a horse to water...etc.

Thanks again for your help, Its really appreciated.


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