trojan dialer aba

  TAMPICO 23:13 25 Oct 2005

Hi I seemed to have acquired a virus according to Grisofts AVG virus scanner, called DIALER ABA.EXE. Avg kills it, but it keeps reincarnating itself somehow, anyone got any ideas how to kill it permanently.

  Skills 23:38 25 Oct 2005

Clear out all of your temporary files, and turn off system restore and then try removing it.

Try this run through cleanup first click here which will clean out all of temp files and prefetch folder then run avg through, also try ewido click here assuming your on XP. I have found ewido to be very handy and it will check through the registry as well.

  curlylad 01:16 26 Oct 2005

Are you running XP ?

If so then download this click here Then restart PC in safe mode , now run ewido.

Let us know the results !

  curlylad 01:19 26 Oct 2005

Sorry Skills you've just beaten me to it by about an hour and a half ! I'll just agree with Skills advice only to reiterate that I would run it in safe mode !

  PENTO79 15:09 03 Nov 2005

Now I have got it as well.

Did the cure work ?

When can one turn System Restoe back on ?

  Skills 16:50 03 Nov 2005

I cant be sure which of them worked but seeing as the posts opener has ticked as resolved I would think that one of the programs did the trick.

So I suggest the same to you download cleanup as of my link above and turn of system restore, run through the cleanup program and then run through your anti virus program and ewido if you are on xp or win 2000.

You can turn on system restore again after you have got rid of the infection.

  PENTO79 22:11 06 Nov 2005

This is swending me mad.
I have done all the things advised above.
Turned off system restore.
Cleaned out Temp and prefetch files.
Gone to safe mode.
Run Spy Bot.
Run Ad-aware
Run Ewido.
But still Dialer ABA persists in setting up files in my Temp folder called (a number).EXE.
For example 12345.EXE - or any other number which maybe random.
Can anyone advise further please ???
Can anyone let me know what program initiates this dialer? And who does it dial ? What does it tell them?
This set up only seems to happen when I am online.

Any ideas at all would be appreciated.

  PENTO79 22:10 08 Nov 2005

Just to let anyone with this problem know that (I think) I have solved it.
After all the previously mentioned spyware scanners had failed; plus a few others; I discovered the new Microsoft AntiSpyware program ( Beta 1).
When downloaded that program did discover the apparent culprit and deleted it. And it is quite a useful program for other purposes too.
Apparently there was a dialer set up program that continuously changed its location, and reinstated the Dialer ABA xxxx.EXE file which had been found and deleted by the other spy cleaners.
But only the MS AntiSpyware discovered the sneaky reinstalling program.
So I think it well worth getting

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