trojan BNK defender

  toonfireman1746 18:42 21 Jan 2010

I had this problem yesterday some one told me to run malwarebytes, it seemed to work, but to day I have the same problem, and have tried MWB but it found nothing I have run AVG nothing.
I am using firefox but it still keeps popping up, in explorer it blocks it, any help please

  Sea Urchin 18:51 21 Jan 2010

Other thread

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  birdface 19:00 21 Jan 2010

If no further help forthcoming I would try this.

click here

It is a pay for program but you get a 30 day free trial and it will remove anything that it finds.If it asks for payment Ignore it and carry on with the scan.

Before trying that Update Malwarebytes then go to safe mode and run it there.[keep tapping f8 as the computer starts ]

If it finds and deletes anything run C Cleaner then switch off system restore.Reboot and switch system restore back on.
Only do that if malwarebytes finds any problems.

  Sea Urchin 19:09 21 Jan 2010

I would also try downloading and running Norman Malware Cleaner -

click here

  lotvic 19:31 21 Jan 2010

Having looked at your previous thread
It would seem that your problem is the SCAM program 'Windows Defender 2010'
For removal I came up with click here on yahoo answers

  birdface 19:50 21 Jan 2010

Well spotted lotvic.Never heard of that one before.

  Sea Urchin 20:17 21 Jan 2010

Not surprising - as there are a huge number - many new ones appearing each day

Here is a rogue's gallery

click here

  lotvic 13:23 22 Jan 2010

that's a useful link to the rogue's gallery, thanks.

  toonfireman1746 15:46 31 Jan 2010

I am still having problems with this PCtools seemed to clear it last time but can not find it this time.
one of the suggestion was to remove manually
could some one tell me were I find corrupt files and associated registry entries?
I have run hijack this does not seem to find them

  Sea Urchin 16:04 31 Jan 2010

You need to follow the link very carefully - print it out so that you can stick rigidly to the sequence. Before running Malwarebytes you must stop Processes as described, and do exactly as it tells you. This should get rid of it completely.

click here

This was among the solutions suggested by lotvic over a week ago.

By the way, you said hijack this doesn't find anything - did you submit the log for analysis on the HT site?

  toonfireman1746 16:30 31 Jan 2010

thanks unsure HT?

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