Trojan -Biskoo - looking for info

  dave h 10:20 26 Jul 2003

A friend of my has had a Trojan called TROJ_BISKOO.A which he cleared from his machine with PC Cillin from Trend.

I havesearched Symantec & McAfee virus indexes and cannot find it!

Trend has the following entry, but no further info.
This Trojan is a C++ compiled, web downloader that will download any file from the specified website and execute it in the local machine. This malware runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ...

Can anyone give me any further info please?

thanks in advance


  Jester2K II 10:23 26 Jul 2003
  dave h 10:48 26 Jul 2003

Thanx for the quick response.
I had already tried to follow the link on the Trend site but it wouldn't work. Your link did.

However, I'm still curious to know why Symantec & McAfee don't have any mention of this trojan in their virus encyclopaedias?

  Jester2K II 10:50 26 Jul 2003

Its only recent - 8 July i think and they might use a different name. I did try searching Google for some key features but no luck yet.

  dave h 12:02 26 Jul 2003

Jester2K II:
As The German Soldier at the end of 'Laugh in' used to say....Verrry Interesting.....
seeing that Trend were the only people to recognise this trojan, I used their 'on line' free scanner (just in case).
It scanned my machine and reported 45000(approx) files scanned - no virus problems.
I then ran my usual AVG, and this reported 25000(approx) files scanned - no virus problems.

This raises the problem - who's lying!!! does Trend scan every file and AVG only files which can be infected? Or is Trend boosting their figures just to prove how good they are?
As I said...Verrrry interesting!

  Jester2K II 12:08 26 Jul 2003

Depends if AVG is scanning ALL FILES.

Open AVG, Service Menu, Complete Test Settings. Is Test All Extensions ticked? If not, it will skip some extensions that are not commonly affected by virii.

The Trend Scan might scan all files by default. In AVG this has to be turned on by the user and is off by default.

  dave h 12:18 26 Jul 2003

I learn something new every day,

Thanks Jester

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