Trojan bancos IYG

  the golfer 15:05 17 Apr 2008

The CA Yaoo Anti Spy 2.1.1 program on my Yahoo home page has found the Trojan Bancos IYG on C:\windows\system 32\acer.exe. I have ran Trend Micro, A Squared Anti Malware and AVG Virus scan and none of them pick it up. I also have Spyware Blaster installed. Is it safe to delete that Acer file? What else can I try to get rid of it. Any help appreciated. Running Vista on Acer laptop 2 Gig mem and 160 Gig hard drive

  the golfer 15:08 17 Apr 2008

Forgot to say Windows defender as well running

  Acx 17:21 17 Apr 2008

I would be a bit wary of deleting any .exe files.

As only one out of four programs reports it as a virus it could be a false reporting by CA Yahoo Anti Spy 2.1.1 program.

Submit the file to here
click here
it scans the file using 32 virus scanners (file has to be less than 10MB though).

  slimk 17:58 17 Apr 2008

Go into your System32 folder and find it. Hover the mouse over it. If it's created date is out of sync with the date of the others it's a baddie. Have a look at if you aren't certain. It's more than likely a genuine process for your Acer but PrevX illustrates what it might be...not good.

  the golfer 18:12 17 Apr 2008

Acx - submitted the file as you said, No Problems found.

slimk - done a scan with and the same again, No Problem found.

All in I have used about 9 different progs. and found nothing. I suspect CA Yahoo Anti Spy is wrong.

  Acx 18:53 17 Apr 2008

I would tend to agree that it is 'CA Yahoo Anti Spy that is wrong', if you are still concerned the best way to go would be to post a HiJackThis Log somewhere like below for more expert help. click here

  slimk 19:51 17 Apr 2008

Acx is probably right.'False positive' probably. Make sure you check the registry entry for it's date and then forget about it. All the best.

  the golfer 21:48 17 Apr 2008

Many thanks guys

  User-1267609 16:45 25 May 2008

hi, this may seem stupid, I've no idea about computers, but I got that trojan Bancos IYG! Thanks, this info really helped, but I don't know how to go into my system32 folder to find it! Can anyone help me out, I tried looking for it but I can't find it! Thanks in advance!

  Acx 00:26 26 May 2008

the best way is

Click Start>
My Computer> click the icon named windows(C:)
Click the folder named windows>
Click folder named system32.

  bonda_007 00:51 03 Nov 2008

i have an acer and i have the ca anti spy also and i get the same reading when i run the anti spy but from no other program i run, i will count it as done also thanks to reading this thread.

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