Trojan attacks

  krisspy 17:50 04 Nov 2003

Hi all
Just a question. I have Norton personal firewall installed on my XP Home system and get frequent alerts of attempted attacks by a Backdoor/Subseven trojan from various IP addreses. I take it this is normal and the firewall is doing its job. I have scanned my system and cant find any nasties!
Just wondered if this level of attempted attack by a single trojan was normal(once per hour)
B.T.W on broadband connection

  feb 17:53 04 Nov 2003

Hi Krisspy. Do the trace and you will probably find its your ISP trying to find out if you are still active

  krisspy 17:55 04 Nov 2003

Hi Feb, Its a different address each time ?

  feb 18:01 04 Nov 2003

Thats Good, Your firewall seems to be working, just let it get on with it and evey time you see the little red ecclemation, say "gotcha"

  The Lights Are On 18:01 04 Nov 2003

Norton does warn of Trojans on a regular basis, I personally think it's paranoid. It?s a point that has been raised on here many times & the general consensus is ignore the dire warnings or better still switch them off altogether & sleep easy.

  krisspy 18:05 04 Nov 2003

Thats all I need a paranoid PC!!!!
as long as I know its just para will follow your advice and rest easy
Thanx all

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