Trojan attack - is it serious?

  muscic lover 18:23 14 Dec 2004

I am using Norton Firewall on my PC and keep getting warnings of attacks from a trojan called "Sockets de trois V1" attempting to connect - but they are successfully blocked. Is this a bad trojan??

Also... associated with it is a number of the most frequent attacker with its ISP no.... Do you think i should try and investigate this further, or just thank my lucky stars that Norton is on the case??!!

Cheers for the advice...

  Dorsai 18:36 14 Dec 2004

when the atack detected box opens, just tick the box 'dont tell me again'.

If i have understood it right, all it means is that the trojan, whatever and wher-ever it is, has randomly tried to send it's self onto the net, and found your PC (just by chance), with the idea to get onto your PC. Norton detected it, and stopped it.

Basically, a burgular has rattled your front door, found it to be locked, and moved on.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:48 14 Dec 2004

click here it is unlikely that you would get repeated 'attacks' if you have a variable IP. Turn off the 'alerts' and surf on regardless.


  Dorsai 19:56 14 Dec 2004

Ok, perhaps burgular wrong choice of word, how about 'a passing stranger'.

Sees a front door, tried the handle, it's locked, carries on walking.

Nothing to worry about.

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